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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hundred Acres is the place to be or is that Green Acres?

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Burgers taste better when the Cutting Crew “Dying in your arms tonight” is playing in the background

The Green Acres theme song always pops into my head every time I go eat at Hundred Acres. They are not related, and I never saw the show, Green Acres, but it always happens. Hundred Acres is a restaurant that I have gone to on multiple occasions and each time always left satisfied and it is a favorite of mine for brunch. I think there was a pig in Green Acres and they have a lot of pork dishes at Hundred Acres so that’s the only connection I guess I can make. I like the combination of meals such as brunch, breakfast and lunch or my favorite, brinner, breakfast and dinner because there are no real rules to what is acceptable fare during this time. I think that food should never be limited or constrained by time. For example, why can I not have pancakes for dinner or steak for breakfast? It is all going in one way or another and if I want waffles for breakfast, I am getting waffles for breakfast! Brunch breaks those rules where it has eggs, waffles but you can order a steak or a burger during this time. Also, brunch is the cool, trendy and hip meal now. Telling people that you are doing brunch puts you on an elevated level, it is like telling people that you do not go to the gym to run and lift weights, but you do Pilates and yoga. You are so cool and “with it” that you can not be confined to just breakfast or lunch; you need to have them both to fit into your schedule.   Also brunch is a perfect time for you to sleep off some of that hangover, recount the previous evening and eat. 

Food Porn After Jump
Piggy Tater tots
At Hundred Acres I met up with some friends that gave me some time to catch up but also, try more food.
I was not in a drink mood but I was hungry, which is a constant in my life and for the first time, I noticed Hundred Acres has a small charcuterie section which means tasty odds and ends. So what better way to start off my meal and the day with their Crispy Pig “tater tots”? I can think of no better way. In non-sugar coated terms, or fried terms, it was braised deboned pigs feet, rolled up, cut into discs, batter and fried. Orange juice may give you that boost in the morning, but fried pig parts gets your blood flowing…if it can get through the coating of plaque in your arteries. The “tater tots” were served with bread and butter pickles and a good dollop of spicy whole grain mustard. The condiments were just barely able to contain and balance the richness of the tater tots. Crispy brown crust and intense melt in your mouth pig bits in the middle makes me wonder how anyone can give up meat.
goat cheese and thyme bread pudding
 My friend Janelle went with the goat cheese and thyme bread pudding with poached eggs and warm spinach salad. Being generous and used to me having the annoying habit of needing to try everything, I had a couple bites of her food. Everything in this dish worked: sharp goat cheese with thyme is a natural combination, topped with an oozy egg which acts like a rich syrup makes you want to throw on a pair of onesie pajamas. To add to the comfort qualities of the dish, she also got a side of cheddar grits which were not gritty at all. Smooth and accented with cheddar it was a winner overall.  
Matt got the rustic (“rustic” is restaurant code word for that it may look like a plate of shit, but it is sure going to taste good)  hash of smoked blue fish, potatoes, caperberries, broccoli rabe and poached eggs. I grew up going fishing on party boats off the Jersey shore and catching bluefish are fun, but they are not the tastiest fish. It is an oily fish and without proper preparation, it will taste overly fishy that only a cat would enjoy. Hundred Acres however succeed in bringing out the true flavors of the bluefish and making it into a tasty dish. The smoke added to the meatiness of the bluefish and if I had bluefish taste this good all the time, I would usually keep all my catches when I went bluefish fishing. The caperberries were tart and sweet and the rabe was crisp and slightly bitter that contributed nicely to the dish. 

Rustic Bluefish Hash
I was in a burger mood so I went with their burger, rare of course. The burger break down goes like this: meat is from Bev Eggleston of EcoFriendly Foods which is raising humane and tasty animals. The beef is grass fed, grain finished and dry aged topped with aged white cheddar, sandwiched in between a Tom Cat Bakery brioche bun. Burger was cooked to order and had a very nice char and meaty crust on the outside of the meat patty. The burger itself was delicious; it had that mineraly taste from the dry aging process and had beefy goodness all the way through. The brioche bun was soft with a good crumb structure and soaked up all the runny meat juices from the meat patty. The bun was sweet but the white cheddar balanced it out a bit. I like cheese pretty much on anything but I think I could have done without the cheese because the cheddar was quite blunt and almost masked the burger. The fries were just okay unfortunately, they were at room temperature and although they were still creamy in the center, I would have liked a hot crisp outside. It came with a homemade ketchup and onion mayonnaise, both tasty and good with the fries.

Everything at Hundred Acres was solid and is a perfect place to nurse a hangover and recover from the night before. Other tasty treats that I did not eat this time around are the biscuits and breads as well as their ricotta fritters which are worthy orders and with The Police playing in the background, how is this not a perfect pairing? Well, at least it made things interesting. 

Hundred Acres
38 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012

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