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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shopsins: Mo' Jemima

Im Nomz Hero Note to Self: Nothing wrong having a milkshake at 10am. Screw you hipster dude at the next table

On an epic quest on all things food, I sometimes have to go solo. Okay fine, I go solo a lot of the times. I just did not want to seem like a complete loser. Although awkward at first, going solo to places is not so bad, the only downside that I have ever experienced and one that I am constantly plagued with is lack of stomach space. One place that I have no problem eating at alone and I already wrote about is Shopsins. I mean, technically, although I am dining by myself, I have the shoppers of Essex Market and of course, Kenny ranting, I am not really by myself. Sorry, went a bit philosophical on everyone but nonetheless, even without company, you are entertained and you eat well which is the point. 

 The Mo'Jemima: This is what Zeus ate for Breakfast

There has not been anything that I ate at Shopsins that I did not like and every time I go, I like to try something new. However, this might change now that I tried the Mo’ Jemima. The Mo ‘Jemima is a stack of Bacon Mac and Cheese pancakes, topped with three poached eggs. Writing it just makes my mouth water and makes me crave and salivate for it like a starved rabid wolf in a pediatric ward. The pancakes are just the perfect marriage of salty and sweet with the bacon cooked into the pancake. The pancake is light and fluffy and with a crispy exterior that comes from a thin coat of crispy cheese. I am a sucker for crispy cheese. I go for the corner pieces of any cheese laden casserole like dish from lasagna to oven baked Mac and Cheese so I can get the hard slight carbonated cheese. I will over-stuff a grill cheese just so it will ooze out of the sandwich onto the pan so I will get a hard cement cheese border. To make the dish even better, is the poached eggs have a runny center which just oozes out and coats the pancake in rich goodness. Shopsins is smart in that cut out a hole in the center of the pancake stack, to allow any of the running egg goodness from escaping. The best way is to utilize the man-made hole is to allow the runny eggs yolks, maple syrup and hot sauce to meld thus; creating a sink hole of euphoria that will soak the pancake from the inside out. This dish makes my heart whimper with joy cholesterol bomb, but it was tuned out by the sugary and salty ecstasy of the Mo’ Jemima. Shopsins. Get at it. 

Essex St Market
120 Essex St
Stall 16

New York, NY 10002


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