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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Imperial Woodpeck Snoballs and Love Gelato

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Southern accents make shaved ice taste better

Love Gelato
I need to move to the West Village as soon as possible. Actually, scratch that, I need to stay away from the West Village because if I moved to the West Village, I would end up looking like Jabba the Hut or the first dude from Seven because of all the gelato and frozen confections shops there. The beginning of the summer means that it is time to trade in the hot chocolate for cones of ice cream and frosty treats and two new comers on the scene are Love Gelato and the branding new, Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs.
I was able to duck into Love Gelato which is one of the new comers to the gelato party. Love Gelato is a nicely spaced shop that is one of the more spacious gelatos places. Not only are they doing gelatos, they are churning out some sandwiches and even crepes. I decided to see how they do with the usual classic flavors, for control-like purposes. I do pretend to sometimes not be a bottomless pit and shove everything into my mouth and pretend to eat all serious and stuff. 

Pistachio and the Stracciatella

I went with the Pistachio and the Stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate pieces). The gelato although texturally it was smooth, it was light and lacked creaminess. I like the denseness and intense flavors of gelato which unfortunately was lacking. I still prefer L’arte del Gelato but like always, I am willing to give Love Gelato another shot in the future and having actual seating is a plus side. 

Imperial Woodpecker after the jump!

Imperial Woodpecker Snoball sticks out because:

  1. Hell of a name, can you say it 10x fast
  2. It is not a gelateria
  3. Really, really, really good looking girls working there (just because I like food, does not mean I am a Eunuch)

Imperial Woodpecker opened only a few short days ago and is in the frozen confections game dishing out New Orleans style shaved ice. I am particular of shaved ice because unless it is the Chinese style of through a bunch of stuff on it, shaved ice usually ends up tasting like ice cubes with watered down syrup. However, at Imperial Woodpecker, they are doing it right and making delicious shaved ice. They have multiple flavors and keeping with the New Orleans theme, flavors like Tigers Blood and King Cake. Seeing how it is New Orleans style shaved Ice, I had to try the King Cake. Also the girls at the counter suggested it, and assured me that it was going to taste like King Cake. And she was extremely attractive. Like, really, really hot. She could have said to go with swamp water flavored with a side of ebola monkey germs and I would have just said to give it to me in a medium. Also, they all have the Southern accent which just makes them even more attractive. In addition to the shaved ice, there is the option of topping it off with condensed milk or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I highly suggest going with the condensed milk. 

King Cake- minus colorful sugars

Served in oyster pails/Chinese takeout containers they clearly know how to do shaved ice right in New Orleans because they give you a straw as well as a spoon, hence solving the problem of want to do with the ice has melted and you have a slushy goodness at the bottom of the bowl. I do not know what magical-voodoo-Harry Potter tricks they do but the damn thing tasted like cake, specifically Kings Cake. I would suggest to throw in the little baby figurine in there to complete the whole King Cake experience, I would be the retard that would accidentally choke on it. I like that the shaved ice does not taste like ice. Wait, that sounds weird but I mean that there are not pockets of just crushed ice that you almost need to remind yourself that you are eating shaved ice and not ice cream. According to Grub Street, they have a 3 month lease on the place so I you best get going and get yourself an oyster pail of shaved ice and if you need to balance out all that sweetness, they got Zapp’s chips. By the way, did I mention how hot the girls are working here?

Love Gelato
167 Seventh Avenue South
New York, NY 10014

Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs
145 Seventh Ave. S.
New York, NY 10014

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