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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

George's Sandwich Shop- Philly

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Calendars of bikini clad girls is a good sign for food

As much as I am interested in eating cheesesteaks in Philly, there are so many places that demand my attention and one of them is George’s Sandwich Shop. Located in the vicinity of the tourist trap Pat’s and Geno’s George’s Sandwich Shop is in the Italian Market. It can easily be missed and brushed off but that would be a mistake on your part. There are stools outside and a small counter inside. There are hotel pans filled with questionable meats, sausages and meatballs but breathe in deep and the aromas beckon you to get a sandwich here.

The classic meatball sub is a must here and simply adorns a crusty roll with a good amount of sauce. The meatballs are tender, light and addictive and the roll is crusty and soft. The sandwich is the complete opposite of dry, flooded is a better word to describe these sandwiches in which napkins are a requirement.

For those that enjoy offal, they have what I first had and then got another to go was their tripe sandwich. The tripe is stewed for god knows how long until it is tender but still posses the unmistakable taste of tripe, giving off that barnyard taste. Get this with onions, long hot peppers for a nice kick. This sandwich does not have much in structural integrity but it makes up in awesome flavor. The sauce/broth that is cooked in is smooth and almost creamy and with the tender tripe, this sandwich goes does easy and quickly.
If you are expecting Crapplebee’s like service, where everyone is chirpy, smiling, rainbows leaking out of their pores and cute animals are making a sandwich (health code violation no doubt) there is a Hard Rock CafĂ© in the Historic District you might enjoy. Like most sandwich places/deli/selling things on a roll, they are frank and to the point. By no means are they unprofessional or not providing adequate service but do not expect to them ask about your day or your hopes and dreams. Personally, I like these kinds of places which is probably why I loves places like Shopsins and such.

George's Sandwich Shop
900 S 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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