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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

J. Mueller BBQ

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: I don’t drink that much anymore, but I don’t turn down free beer

“This is it? It’s a trailer dude.”

That was my friend’s first introduction to Texas Barbecue. Maybe we should have gone to the more impressive Lockhart or something else but no, I chose to go to J. Mueller’s. I mean, within the Austin City limits, the automatic answer for going to barbecue was not in Austin, was to go to Taylor, Luling or Lockhart. But now, the two most recommended places and need to go are Franklin’s and J. Mueller’s. Nerds might recognize the last name, same family running the famous Louie Mueller in Taylor, he branched out and went to Austin and from the lines, people here are thankful for it. 

J. Mueller is composed of a lot, one that smokes the meat and the other for carving and paying for the meat. Though the man was busy, he had time to mess around with me, answer some questions and pass out some cans of Lone Star on that hot Texas day.
We went with what I dubbed the trinity of Texas barbecue, brisket, beef ribs and sausage. Thankfully, my friends let me order which may or may not have been a bad thing because I always go for moist and ask for maybe a slice or 2 of lean, to see how it is. They were unfamiliar with the ordering system but it is basically like ordering from a deli. Prices are listed out by poundage and you tell them how much you want. They carve it, pile it on butcher paper, throw in white bread, (or crackers, but I really never seen anyone get crackers) and help yourself to the condiments of raw onions or pickles. Since I wanted to pretend to be healthy, I got an order of the chipotle coleslaw. On to the meat porn!

Hello Breakfast
Damn good brisket
The brisket, for my friends that have never really had brisket beyond pastrami this was the best way to introduce them. If I did not have Franklin’s this would have been the best brisket. It hit all the right notes and he hits it with a bit more spice and you get that hit of pepper in the back end. Even the lean pulled apart easily and was just as fine. The one thing that is different from Franklin’s or the other places is that the brisket has a hard bark on it.  The beef rib though was a true winner, fatty and tender it picked up and had the best smoky flavor. I am weird and love the underside/side part of the rib that is a tad bit fatty and gets a nice crisp up from the heat and smoke, it is like candy. J. Mueller had the best sausage during my barbecue touring. It was a medium grind that again, had a good hit of spice to it.
Amazing Beef ribs
 Everything here I realized has a bit of a peppery hit to it, even the coleslaw which was good, but I would have liked some acid in it, but then again I have always been a Carolina ‘cue fan so it’s just not what I am used to. The sauce, though good was not needed at all though adding it did not hinder the taste of the meat. It was again, peppery, a bit acidic and a bit of tomato it works really well. If he was selling bottles of that, may have been tempted to buy some. 
Best sausage i had in Austin
Though the temperature was climbing, I was perfectly happy sitting outside and eating some great Texas barbecue, I mean, isn’t barbecue best enjoyed outside? Also not, he will “mess” with you a bit, and pretty much act like an asshole. Given that I frequent Shopsins and other places, it does not bother me but he is really a nice guy. 

White Bread and beer. What should be served with 'cue

J. Mueller
1502 S 1st St
Austin, TX 78704

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