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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Everything Frosted Cupcakes

Everything Frosted 

 Signage outside

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: When tea shop/jewelry store/internet cafe clearly says no outside food allowed, ignore it. 

The address of this place is 105 ½ Mosco Street in Chinatown and I immediately thought that this was some weird Harry Potter book and I got to walk through a wall to get to this place. In my quest for food awesomeness, after a pleasant dim sum meal at 27 Sunshine, me and my culinary companions (or extra stomachs) walked over to Everything Frosted, new to the cupcake and bakery scene opening up late 2010. Everything Frosted sets itself apart by using Asian influenced flavors, such as black sesame or taro and an ever changing combination cakes and frosting offerings. This dessert roulette can produce anything from a hazelnut cupcake with a red bean frosting, to a red velvet cupcake with a cookies and cream frosting and completely different offerings the next day. If you are bad at making decisions your options are:

A)    Look up their various cakes and frosting offering and compile a pre determined list of cupcake/frosting combinations you like. I believe the only prerequisite for determining the amount of combinations is at least Algebra, probably a B- or better
B)     Roulette style, just point and grunt and choose at random.
C)    Go with 2 or more people so you can choose multiple ones and try a little bit of each

Rows of Cupcakes.

The staff is nice and friendly and will patiently explain and tell you what is what. In the interest of science, I was able to taste 6 of them and they were also having a deal of buy 5 and get one free.
 Overview of the  cupcakes: Clockwise starting top left: taro cupcake with a jasmine white chocolate frosting, jasmine tea with black sesame frosting, green tea with cookies and cream frosting, red bean with a jasmine white chocolate frosting, vanilla cupcake with chocolate hazelnut frosting, black sesame cupcake with green tea frosting. Can you say that 10x fast?

In the end we got: A black sesame cupcake with green tea frosting, a red bean with a jasmine white chocolate frosting, a taro cupcake with a jasmine white chocolate frosting, jasmine tea with black sesame frosting, green tea with cookies and cream frosting, vanilla cupcake with chocolate hazelnut frosting.

The cupcakes were like pound cupcakes in structure, little crumb texture, solid and buttery. None of the cupcakes were dry but the cupcakes structure was too similar to a pound cake and could not get over that fact. The best cupcakes were the black sesame and the jasmine cupcake. The black sesame imparts a smooth nuttiness with the subtle sweet and earthiness of black sesame and the jasmine was sweet and floral. However, there were some misses like the green tea cup cake and the taro cupcake. We all agreed we could not detect any of the said flavors and they tasted like a regular vanilla cake. The red bean was just average, but I do like the fact they put a bit of red bean paste in the middle of the cake.

Name like Everything Frosted, the frosting should be killer right? Well, it was half right. The frosting was smooth, light and airy that it balances the dense cake leaving you not quite full. Like the cakes however, there are hits and misses in the frosting department as well. The cookie and cream frosting, although the black specs in the frosting confirmed there being cookies, I could not taste it at all. The green tea frosting again lacked any green tea flavor. The black sesame and the Jasmine white chocolate were good and the flavors were able to come through as well as the chocolate hazelnut.

I like the concept that they have created and like they are stepping out of the bounds of the usage of traditional cake and frosting flavors. Their style of mix and matching cakes and frostings is playful however there are still a few kinks to work out but a place worth checking out and trying out some of there other cupcakes. 

Everything Frosted 
105 1/2 Mosco Street
NYC 10013 

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