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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bklyn (Brooklyn) or however you spell it, Larder

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: It is not polite to stare at bread apparently

Like a Jersey Shore Guido stepping into a gym or an Ed Hardy store, I get the same level of happiness and excitement when I walk into a gourmet food shop. Except of course I do not have the urge to get my “swell” on or the fire hazardous amount of hair product, the general feeling is about the same. It is everything that I want and I am interested in, encapsulated in one place. The Brooklyn Larder or the uber spelling “Bklyn Larder” is one of the mainly gourmet food shops that reside in Brooklyn. Located on Flatbush Avenue, it is easily accessible by subway and a couple blocks from the Brooklyn Flea.  The shop is quaint but the large window front livens and warms the place. They range from everything from beers and cheeses to meats and chocolates (not mixed together). This is a haven for supporting and buying products and foods from the ever growing food scene that is continuously cultivating. 

 Seats for eating and people watching

The Larder is neat stocked to the brim of almost any food item that would make a foodie jealous. It is easy to loose track of time (and money) when you are in here. They have a very respectable chocolate selection such as Askinosie and Taza to the local ones such as Mast Brothers Chocolates and the chocolate confectioners Liddabit Sweets. They even have the elusive Hazelnut Spread from Askinosie, which is an American made version of Nutella but Askinosie blows that out of the water. I have been rationing my supply of the Askinosie Hazelnut Spread until I can get resupplied and now I thankfully have a supplier now. 

 So...how many bottles of beer on the wall?

The store also has a great freezer and refrigerator case that has lots of taste goodies such as rilettes, pates, stocks and rendered fats from all your favorite animals, well animals that you like to eat. I will be back to try get some ice creams from them as soon as I am able to find a suitable transport system. So pretty much, I need to find some dry ice. They have numerous hard to find spices and blends and a very respectable stock of oils including a local olive oil. If buying all the provisions will most likely make you broke, then the prepared foods side of the store and the meat and cheese counter will have you living off of food stamps. They carry a good amount of salumi and have a all star line up of mortadella, guanciale and lardo. They have cheeses ranging from the ever stinky Italian Taleggio to American cheeses such as Cowgirl Creamery and a knowledge staff that can give you great suggestions on pairings. Their baked good section is another section that is very much worth mentioning. The Brooklyn Larder is a contender and a worthwhile buy for the best chocolate chip cookie in New York.

Chocolate Chip Cookie 

            The chocolate chip cookie at the Larder does not look much and looks unassuming and clocking in at only two dollars it is a pretty good deal. However, this is a solid chocolate chip cookie had the right amount of balance between the salt and sweet and had just enough of a buttery texture to make this a homey cookie. This is the kind of cookies that you imagine eating if your life was Leave it to Beaver. This is what an after school snack tastes and in a world where food can sometimes taste like nothing this tasted like a great all American cookies. You can queue the Team America “Fuck Yeah” music anytime. 

 Fresh Baked goods always a plus!

Unfortunately for my wallet, this will be another stop I will be making when I am in the area. It is a great addition to the neighborhood as well as a great place to shop for quality ingredients and tasty gourmet foods.

Brooklyn Larder
228 Flatbush Avenue
NY 11217-2473

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