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Monday, December 19, 2011

Donut Quest: Taiwan Dispatch

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Why does food taste better when shaped as animals?

The Donut Quest has been going and this time, it went abroad. Donuts are not all made equally and thankfully, Dunkin Donuts does not reign all over…yet. One of the chain donut shops in Taiwan that is popular is Mr. Donut. Originally from Japan, I remember back in the late 90s when the first Mr. Donut opened up in Taiwan and remembered the line that snaked out the door. Now there are a number of Mr. Donuts in Taiwan and will mostly likely find on the any mall in Taipei.
Since there is no Thanksgiving in Taiwan, they got started early on the Christmas spirit and they had some Christmas themed donuts, such as their donut holes. 

You have to give it to them for presentation; these things looked like a box of chocolates. The little donut holes are all colorfully decorated and various coatings. One thing to mention is that though they do yeasted and cake donuts, they also do mocha donuts which give them a chewiness and difference in flavor or I at least think it is different. Each of these donut holes were colorfully decorated and had that odd pastel coloring too them and like all things from Asia, they looked cute and I am surprised it had no Sanrio characters donning it. Donuts after the jump!

donut holes, sadly the top right one is not topped iwth bacon
I also got their green tea mocha donut. The Donut is uniquely shaped, looking like a weird shower accessory with its beaded look. Lightly glazed, the donut was chewy and full of green tea flavor. The only thing that you can compare it to is mochi bread or pan de queijo, it lacks the stickiness you get from regular mochi but you get a bread aspect to it. 

Green Tea Mochi donut
To add onto the all things cute in Asian category, there were two promotional donuts that I just had to have and are made in limited batches during this year. I will call them the bear donuts, which they are donuts, shaped like bears (species unknown) and are filled. These are actually promoted for children which, led to the odd look from the cashier when I excitedly ordered them. I am pretty sure if they saw the same kind of glee that I expressed for these donuts in the US, a concerned parent would most likely be googling my name.
Creme filled Bear donut

The donuts were cute and came in two colors, green and white, presumably green tea and white chocolate though they did not really taste like any of those, it was just sweet. Both donuts, I was expecting them to be cream filled, like a runny pastry crème. To my surprise, it was a thick, fluffy cookie and cream fill. The donuts here at Mr. Donut as actually all baked, they do not get an oil bath as you would expect to see. The result is a donut that is less rich and they are surprisingly light. Though the donut was technically “healthier” their regular donuts just do not have that decadent grease and oil that I want when I am eating a donut, these donuts resembled bread. The mocha donuts however, are what they are known for and the donuts that I always get when I am here. However, if the odd chance that there are more cute shaped animal donuts, I am chowing down on one of those. Also, where can I get a Mr. Donut tee shirt if they got any? 

So cute and tasty, the way favorite kind of animals to eat

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