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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CoCo Curry

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Japanese Curry goes well with everything

I have been on a short holiday hiatus with work, baking and end of the year garbage has left me updating the blog at the bottom of the priorities list. However, the New Year is over and we are still standing, the Mayans were wrong, I have eaten my weight in gingerbread, it is time to put on the stretchy pants and get back into food blogging and with the weather so cold and actually being winter, I have been on the search for Japanese Curry Omelet rice in the city like the curry omelet rice at CoCo Curry in Taiwan.
Curry is something that is associated often with Indian food and is a turn off for many with the amount of spices that go into curries and the after effects of some curries making the porcelain throne worthy seating to do the morning crossword puzzle. However, Japanese curry is generally a lot milder, sweeter and thicker and has more gravy like consistency. Taiwan is an outlet for Japanese food and one of the more successful chains in Taiwan is CoCo Curry. Unlike chains found in the United States, the quality here is a lot better in service and food. Coco Curry as you can tell by the name specializes in Japanese curries. The curries can be eaten with rice, noodles, soups and you can do the whole build your own curry dish but here, I go straight for the curry omelet rice. 

I like curry but uhhh...Ill try this combo another time...

 Basically, curry omelet rice is a dish that consists of omelet rice that is smothered in curry. Omelet rice or omuraisu if you want to pretend to understand Japanese, is a mound of rice that is covered with a plain egg omelet like a blanket and proving that an egg on top of anything, even plain rice is just plain awesome. During my Taiwan visit, I went to CoCo Curry a couple of times allowing me to get my curry rice fix and try various types and styles.
The classic or the most simple one is the curry omelet rice that is served with either fried pieces of pork or chicken karaage. The combination of curry, rice, egg and tender fried meat makes this a great tasting meal. The curry as I stated, is mild and slightly sweet. Although I order it spicy, the spiciness is not really that strong and will not have you reaching for a glass of water. The egg omelet is cooked as I prefer and call Frenchie-style meaning that there is a slight runniness to it and adds a creaminess and richness to the dish while still maintaining a fluffiness to it. Also, in fulfilling the categories of “crazy shit Asians put in food combinations” I like the addition of cheese. And to shock the foodie Nazis and all, I am pretty sure it is good old American, singles type of cheese. The cheese is sandwiched inbetween the rice and omelet and melts ever so perfectly and there is something comforting about eating spoonfuls of curry and rice and pulling away melty cheese strands. It adds an extra bit of savory goodness. Food after the jump!

Tonkatsu Curry Omelet rice

 Sure you can get the curry omelet rice plain but the most popular and by tastier option is to get it with a piece of tonkatsu. There are very few things that do not taste well with the addition of glorious pork, and thankfully this is not one of them. The tonkatsu can stand on its own with its light panko crust and succulent bite, but the combination of curry, rice, egg and pork is a tasty combination that marvels at Japanese food. 

Chicken, asparagus, tomatoes
In addition to the curry omelet rice with tonkatsu there is a version that adds asparagus, cherry tomatoes and chicken karaage a combination that i do not know you can come up without the aid of psychoactive drugs. I mean, I guess if you are feeling the need to add some vegetables to your diet by all means go ahead and get this version. The tomato adds another level and sweetness and just emphasizes the fact that the Taiwanese likes everything to be slightly sweetened. 

Mapo Tofu Curry Omelet rice
The interesting curry omelet combination that I was able to try and surprised in how good it tasted was the Ma Pao Tofu Curry Omelet rice. Mapo Tofu is mixed with the curry giving it a unappealing look of brown and white. However, the curry was slightly spicier and the mix of the tofu, ground meat and curry tasted better than it looked. The Ma Pao tasted better than regular versions of Mapo Tofu I had in the US.
Although curry rice omelet somewhat sits in you like a GE made SUV and thick curry is something that does not seem like an appealing dish when in a Tropical weathered country, it is however great tasting food. Curry Omelet rice is a comfort dish that is just as good as a bowl of macaroni and cheese or pot pie. The only US location that they have is in Hawaii (I hope spam is included) but I guess until then, I am going to have to make this on my own or start bribing the Go Go Curry guys and Curry Ya people to make this for me.

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