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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bohemian NYC

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: places located behind butcher shops, are always good places to visit!

Bohemian is one of these restaurants that if it eating was a video game, you would have unlocked an achievement that actually takes effort to do, like knifing 5 commies in a row. Bohemian is a speakeasy restaurant that has a level of exclusiveness. Not Gossip Girl Lavo exclusiveness, just a bit of mysterious aurora to it. They do not accept walk-ins, reservations only and the number is not publicized. Getting the number either requires a sincere email to them or getting the number from someone already in the know but either way, it takes some effort but not really hard to do. I went the email route and found myself dining there the previous weekend. It is located down a side corridor next to the Japanese Premium Beef Shop. It leads to an opaque door that you have to ring the door bell in order to get in. I kind of was hoping for a little more effort, maybe a password, some riddles or a double dare challenge but this works too. 

Once you get past all the secrecy, you are lead into a suburban house sized living room. Actually, it is a living room basically, it has couched and low chairs and tables. Lack in size no doubt; there is a calm and relaxing atmosphere complete with an amazing skylight above. Apparently it used to be a Warhol space but you will not see cans of tomato soup here. The food is not strict Japanese fare, but it is all done with Japanese influence and style.
Take the vegetable fondue that we started off with, served with perfectly trimmed vegetables in a absurdly huge ice bucket, the fondue was more similar to a dressing. It was thin and light on the cheese but worked well with the vegetables. If you were expecting a cheese fondue that would keep you hearty and full in the Swiss Alps, you are going to be disappointed. Given I spent the day eating 'cue, I even needed a break from all that meat and this helped. Food after the jump!


Enough, vegetables and fulfilling some health requirement, onto more meat. Shadowed behind the Japanese beef Shop, they no doubt deal with high quality beef and the short rib sashimi (or whatever cut they have fresh that day) is what needs to be ordered. It is completely raw; it gets a kissed by a torch and gives it a bit of color, personally I think this is unnecessary and mostly likely done for the squeamish that do not like raw beef. The beef served with soy on the side but it does not need it honestly. The beef just melts in your mouth (not in your hands) and it just full on beef flavor. 

Next up was the macaroni and cheese, I am not really sure why this was ordered but it is actually something that should not be missed. I mentioned that Bohemian is a restaurant that has Japanese influence and you can see it in the macaroni and cheese. It is made in a cheesy b├ęchamel sauce that lightens and a soupy character. It is served with slices of Japanese cotton bread that is evenly toasted and buttered. It is the lightest mac and cheese dish that you can encounter. This dish is recognizable to anyone that has been to Japan and had Western food there. 
Mac and cheese
Next up was the black miso cod with asea urchin gratin, no doubt taking a hit of one of the most copied dish from Nobu, if not food. This version of black miso cod tenderly flaked with the touch of the chopstick. To add to this decadence was the uni gratin that did not skimp on the uni. Screw unwritten rules of the intermingling of seafood and cheese, this was good. 
Miso Cod and uni gratin

Lastly, we got the washu beef sliders. They get a bit of parmesan, mayo and ketchup. The burgers were good, but it was only after eating it I realized they did not ask how they wanted it cooked. It was cooked to a medium well, which still l yeided an acceptable burger, but with such a high grade beef, next time I will specifically go on the medium rare-rare scale. 
Washu beef sliders-thankfully nothing like White Castle ones

Though making reservations here can be a hassle, it is worth it. Bohemian has a comfortable level of exclusiveness that does not air on the side of pretension. The food is executed well and the service is friendly and prompt. Eventually, when I get a sugar Momma or a special occasion, I am going to go and order a washu steak and indulge like crazy.

57 Great Jones St
New York, NY 10012


  1. Hi Im posting to wanna go there. Could you please tell me how to make a reservation? I sent them email,but they didnt answer... please let me know.. T.T

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It has been a few weeks now since I visited a Bohemian, a local one.