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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parm NYC

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Never too old to have ice cream cake

Baked Clams!

I am a big fan of what the Torrisi guys are doing-even though I have never eaten there. I really only eaten their food at the San Gennaro festival and now at Parm. I do have to stop being lazy and commit to eating at Torrisi sometime but if the food at Parm is any indication of what to expect, then I should get cracking at making a reservation soon.
Parm is the offshoot of their main restaurant and set up like a lunch counter. The menu looks like your average Red Sauce American style Italian food but of course, if it was just like any other, people would not be lining up to eat here. 
What Chicken Parm should be
If you are scared of eating solo, I suggest you come here to eat to ease your fears, the bar makes up for the majority of the seating and it is spacious and comfortable. Their sandwiches are the thing to get here, either on a hero or a roll or go for a platter that comes with a side salad I believe. I got the chicken parm sandwich on a hero and an order of bake clams. Parm hits on the nostalgic factor, I mean I do not even remember the last time I even had baked clams and after eating them, I felt I needed it more in my life. The clams were simply adorned with seasoned bread crumbs, hit it with a bit of Tabasco, I am a happy man.
The chicken parm sandwich is the epitome of all chicken parm sandwiches. Eating one of these will atone for all the crappy chicken parm sandwiches you ate during those late nights in college. Normally when getting a chicken parm sub, there is the expectation, well not expectation but just an acceptance that there will be parts of the chicken that will be dry and stringy. This one was juicy and tender and the blanket of red sauce and mozzarella, a Parisi bakery semolina roll, this is what Red Sauce American Italian food should taste like. 

I love ice cream cake.
Do not leave without a piece of ice cream cake. That’s right, ice cream cake, I am hoping they will come up with a fudgy the Whale version soon (cough, maybe a birthday present idea for me? Cough). This tri-layer ice cream cake is the perfect way to end a meal here. The only thing from making this an everyday spot is that it is a bit pricey. But, I guess you have to shell out a bit more for great tasting food.

248 Mulberry Street
New York

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