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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dun-Well Donuts

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Eat as many vegan donuts as you want, it is made of all veggies so it is good for you right?

There is very little vegan food I like. I will try it with an open mind but besides tofu and like…fruits and veggies. The idea of say vegan cookies or just vegan bake goods are generally as appealing to me as asked to eat bark and leaves. The last time I had a vegan cookie, I just wanted to slather it in nutella or butter because it was so dry and crackly. Thankfully, my run with vegan donuts has fared better. Having tried the donuts at Babycakes, I hear about Dun-well Donuts in East Williamsburg. The donuts here are vegan, which primal instincts would be a pass, but I got pass that and I am glad I did. The donuts are of the yeasted variety and they have filled and glazed donuts. I tired the Crème Brulee, Peanut Butter and Jelly from their filled selection and the cinnamon sugar and Mexican Chocolate from their regular/glazed donuts. 
Creme Brulee
The donuts are good; they are soft, moist and have a bit of a chew to them. The Crème Brulee has a little disk of harden sugar to mimic the crust of your typical brulee. However, as good as the donut was, the “custard” was not really to my liking, it was somewhat blandish and did not have the richness that you get from a crème brulee. However the peanut butter and jelly donut was stellar, with a thick rich jelly filling and nutty peanut butter glaze. The glazed donuts fared very well too, the Mexican Chocolate had warm spices mixed in and the cinnamon sugar had just the right about of sweetness. Regardless of their vegan status, their donuts rivals some of the other donuts being made in the city and doing it better than some. 
Mexican Chocolate

Cinnamon Sugar

Dun-Well Donuts
222 Montrose Avenue
 Brooklyn, NY

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