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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mile End Sandwich

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: the smell combination of smoked meat and mustard just lingers on you all day


I am a bit embarrassed that I tried Mile End before going to Katz Deli. I mean, I have had the pastrami at Katz, but I have never had the full experience of going there myself and ordering. Mile End, with its original location just off of Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn opened up a sandwich shop on Bond St. It is more like a lunch counter than its original but offers almost the same exact things and then some. The veal tongue sandwich and the beef on wreck looked enticing, but I was here for the Montreal smoked meat, the funny sounding Canadian cousin of the pastrami. Both are very similar but have subtle differences. Montreal smoked is brisket flat and pastrami is from the navel.  The spicing and “corning” process will vary and the spices used have differences.
Both sandwiches however, are served the same way, rye bread with a healthy schmear of deli mustard. The Montreal smoked meat is noticeably subtle and easier on the pepper but the brisket is tender and has a nice amount of fat mixed in. The sandwich is not as hearty as the one at Katz’s but for about half the price, it is still a filling sandwich. Which is better? I will let you know when I hit up Katz. But I have to come back to Mile End for their poutine (maybe when it cools off) and other sandwiches.

Mile End Sandwich
53 Bond Street
New York, NY

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