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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can't get enough Shopsins

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: pumpkin batter fried chicken is the next big thing

Moe #2

Shopsins requires a bit of planning. If you do not want to sit around and wait, show up early, have more than 5 people, find somewhere else to eat and if you are aiming to be productive afterwards, you can just forget about that. The expectations of you being productive are slim. You will most likely want to nurse your newly acquired “itis” and take a nap or re-watch the first season Game of Thrones. I mean obviously you can just order something light at Shopsins, like toast, oatmeal or just plain old pancakes, but seriously? You are at Shopsins; you do not just order oatmeal here.
Awesome donuts

They were getting slammed when we went so when I asked for an order of donut, I was shutdown to a half order, being told that a full order would be too much. It’s a good thing I relented because a full order would have me sprinkling like Lipitor on it. These donuts reminded me of funnel cake or picarones, they were light and airy and had a sweet maple glaze though in the future, I will go with cinnamon sugar to lighten it up a bit. Choosing what to get here is always a challenge and I ended up getting the Moe #2 which like anything here a good choice. Of the group I was with, it was the first to come out and it came with a sparkly tassel forked in it. I do not know if this in the norm for this dish, but I like it. The Moe #2 consisted of a pumpkin batter fried chicken that is sandwiched in between pancakes and served with 2 sunny side eggs. I will give you a second to re-read that and let it soak in. the fried chicken was just great; the batter had a slight sweetness that just worked wonders with the juicy chicken. Pancakes and eggs I hit all the food groups. More Food!


As always, a generous bath of maple syrup and hot sauce goes great. Do not knock it, till you tried it. My sister got the sweet pea, a variation on The Petes, their version of eggs benny. This one consisted of cornbread, topped with 3 poached eggs, topped with bacon, and then smothered in cheese sauce and peas. Cornbread was just okay, but if you are aiming for quantity, they did not skimp on the cornbread or the cheese sauce. The others got the Diego, which amps up the Canadian poutine by adding eggs to it and making it a socially acceptable breakfast item. 


And finally, we had the other gut bomb of the Mo’Betta which is showing you how to turn the volume up on something to 11: maple bacon sandwiched in between mac and cheese pancakes. The mac and cheese pancakes are probably one of the most ingenious culinary creations after Chocotacos. 

This meal was great but this most definitely hindered any chance of being a productive human being for the rest of the day. Also I got the toasted marshmallow shake which was only okay; I think I’ll just stick to the mocha nutella or the slutty shake next time. 

Essex St Market
120 Essex St

New York, NY 10002

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