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Thursday, October 4, 2012

In and Out

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: What else can I get animal style?

Though most food nerds turn their nose at any fast food, even the most cynical pretentious foodie will be intrigued by an In and Out Burger. The closest one to Austin, Texas was in Lancaster, Texas just outside of Dallas. Thankfully I was traveling with a friend that has a lead foot and one of the best radar detectors that money can buy. The menu is simple enough but the allure of In and Out for those of us that do not have it as a dining option; it is the allure of that secret menu. Not to go into specifics, there are certain add ons and additional preparations that you can get for your meal. Also In and Out was one of the first places that toted fresh food and cooked to order burgers. I went with a 2x2 animal style (a double cheese burger with 2 slices of cheese), well done fries (as it sounds extra crispy fries), animal style and a Neapolitan shake. Animal style, which sounds straight gangster, is when the burger is topped with grilled onions and a special sauce, similar to the Big Mac sauce. Animal style friends are cheese fries topped with said combination/sauce.
Of course the comparison to Shake Shack is inevitable.

 The verdict is, that burger for burger, I will take the Shake Shack burger over an In and Out burger. It is a good fast food burger, one of the best, but Shake Shack is better. The patties were smaller and did not feel that substantial in my hands. Fries however, goes to In and Out, especially with the option of getting them well done but even the regular fries which I sampled on a friend’s tray were nice and crisp. Overall, it was worth checking out In and Out, the service was some of the best I had at a fast food place. The ultimate deadly combination would be to get a Shake Shack burger animal style but that is wishful dangerous thinking. 


  1. YES! I love this post. And, like most times, want a cheeseburger. I agree Shake Shack has terrible fries, but better fast food burger than In and Out. Also, I love their shakes.

  2. P.S. that was the most difficult "prove you're not a robot" task ever. I had to reset the graphic like 6 times and kept failing. I even attempted the audio, which was 72.6 times harder. I really wanted to post about cheeseburgers...

  3. haha, when i get out of class, I have been basically eating sugar all day and Shake Shack is right there and all I want is a cheeseburger! That and ice cream....