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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The NoMad: Brunch

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: rooms like the parlour, atrium, library? Are you sure the NoMad isn’t a live action version of clue? If a Colonel shows up with a pipe, I am out of there.

The NoMad just got their first Michelin star before I went to brunch with the family here. Though it is in a desolate area, I mean come on, it is just really hotels around here and hell, the NoMad is in a hotel, and it is worth coming here. Ran by Daniel Humm and will Gidara of Eleven Madison and Park, NoMad is by no means their bastard child, this place once you experience the service and food is at the level that you would find at Eleven Madison and Park. To start off, we have the house made pastries. It was pricey and 18 bucks but you did get a lot of bread, 3 croissants, and blueberry crumb cake, slices of warm bread, 2 preserves and butter. That is a hell of a pastry basket. Only criticism I had was that the croissants, an almond, chocolate and regular could have been significantly improved and most likely been destroyed immediately if they came out at least slightly warmed. The bread slices, speckled with raisins and walnuts did come out warm and was destroyed immediately. 

The menu can be split into two categories from you breakfast fare to regular lunch. Though you would think getting a dish of egg Benedict would be a waste, you would be wrong. Their eggs Benedict with crab, tarragon is probably one of the best eggs Benedicts I have had. Okay, I do not eat eggs Benedicts a lot but this can be summed up with one word: rich. The hollandaise just fantastic and fat kid in me wanted to just lick the plate clean. Civilized fat kid in me used excess bread to wipe the plate clean. Food After the Jump!

The pasta of lobster tagliatelle was a great dish. Dressed with Meyer lemon, black pepper and a lot of crab it was light. Though I would have liked the portion size to be a bit bigger, but then again I am a big eater. The duck was simple enough and probably one of the biggest duck breasts I have eaten. They cut them into thick slabs. 

The skin was slightly crispy and it was served with a berry-like compote/sauce. I have no idea what it was, it was slightly tart but I did not really eat it because the duck was good enough on its own. 

The thing to get here, if you are to eat one dish for brunch is the chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich is a scaled, sandwich version of their 78 chicken for 2 dinner menu item. The chicken sandwich is served inbetween a brioche bun, truffles and foie gras. It is the ultimate chicken sandwich and it a big one too. The brioche bun was perfect in which it was slightly sweet and though many brioche buns suffer from being too bready and dry, this one was not one of them. The chicken was just tender and succulent and put all other chicken sandwiches to shame. Hell, it shamed me when I was young and used to think that the BK chicken sandwich was the shit. Oh how times has changed. This comes with a side salad that is topped with fried chicken skin. Why is this not done more often? Why do we not top everything with chicken skin. Get on this. Now. 

I was excited for desserts here at the NoMad but sadly, they only offer one dessert and the description of it did not get me all hungry and excited. Oh well, just means I have to come back here for dinner. The layout of the NoMad is really beautiful, the Atrium, which is the main room, is open and spacious but the parlour which is off to the side and where we sat was really cool too with the plush chairs, the space was comfortable yet elegant. I felt I may of needed to have a smoking jacket eating in that room. Note to self, get a smoking jacket.

The NoMad
1170 Broadway
New York, NY 10001

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