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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fried Dough Goodness: Sullivan St. and DessertTruck Works

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Pizza Bianca + Bombolini = Viva la Roma hangover breakfast?

My fried dough quest led me to places that you would not think to have doughnuts and if they do, they would probably taste bad. Thankfully this was not the case when I ventured out to Hell’s Kitchen to Sullivan Street Bakery. Sullivan Street Bakery is not on Sullivan Street, more like 97th. 

The bakery is owned by Jim Lahey, most notably known for his no-knead bread technique which truly does work and produces great bread. Sullivan Street bakery is a bread bakery, and does not go for the whole, cupcakes and brownies and the cavity inducing sweets, but one of the few sweet breads that is being made there are the bombolinis. They sit there innocently enough on the counter and are outcast to the side, away from the savory breads and pizzas. To not try this would be a mistake on your part. The bombolini do not have a variety of fillings, it is either jam or cream filling. Given I just ate one of the potato pizza slice, which is the ultimate hangover morning food I realized, I just went with the cream filled bombolini. 
Bombolini at Sullivan
The Bombolini is different from others that I have sampled in which it was noticeably a lot less greasy and did not leave a translucent grease stain on the paper. The bombolini is a lot doughier and lacks the crisp lightness that the ones at Falai had. However, this bombolini is delectable and I actually prefer this one. Though it lacks crispness, it has a doughy and pillow like texture to it and the vanilla cream is thick and on the heavy side, but works well with the bombolini. This is a good donut that is a hidden treat in a bread focused bakery.
Donuts at DessertTruck Works 

Next up was the DessertTruck Works brick and mortar shop in the Lower East Side. After much success with their mobile truck, they established a base of operations and a small little retail and dessert place. The DessertTruck has an expansive list of cavity inducing treats that I will go into detail in a future post. Of all their popular offerings, an sleeper pick here is their doughnuts. 

Get the donuts. Well, get the breading pudding but the get the donuts too

True, they are a bit pricey at 6 dollars for 2, but they are a good size and after a bite, you will realize it is worth it. The doughnuts for one are made to order and they come either filled with Nutella or with a vanilla crème. The doughnuts come out to you warm and a fine sugar coat dusting. These yeast filled treats is a sleeper pick in a city filled with doughnuts. Not that you do not expect them to make a respectable doughnut, but this donut is probably one of the best in Manhattan. This soft pillow of goodness is beyond soft, like its cool if you do not have any teeth, because chewing is hardly required to eat this. Upon my first bite of the Nutella filled doughnut, induced a culinary money shot of Nutella just dibbling and trickling out of the corner of my mouth and chin. The vanilla crème was just as worthy and each bite was a welcomed glob of vanilla crème. Sure they won a Throwdown against Bobby Flay with a bread pudding but if they did a donut, they would have smoked Bobby Flay just as bad. I am happy to be surprised and find good food, especially a good tasty doughnut. 

Stoop Donut

Also at DessertTruck Works they are turning out chocolate chip cookies. It has been a while since I have found a cookie worthy of sharing, but DessertTrucks brought it back. The cookie is a hefty sucker and for those of you that like their cookies soft and cookie dough-like this is the cookie for you. The cookie reminds me of the Levain Bakery cookies, except that a Levain bakery cookie can feed a refugee camp, the DessertTruck Works one can feed a refugee family. The cookie is not go for the whole crispy and chewy combination, it is for the crowd that likes to eat raw cookie dough but wants to eat it in public and not look like a “special” person eating raw cookie dough.

Big Hunk o' cookie

Sullivan Street

533 West 47th St # 1

New York, NY 10036

DessertTruck Works

6 Clinton St

New York, NY 10002

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