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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L'Arte del Gelato: Getting a real Ice Cream Sandwich

On Nomz Hero Note to Self: Contrary to popular belief, not everyone screams for ice cream, I think Italians, pleasant announce a desire for gelato 
Memorial Day weekend was a busy one with me making food and stuff like it was nobody’s business but I am back, no vengeance, more like food-ventures.

I love ice cream. My first paycheck from my first real world job, I could have went with the typical purchase of a playstation (already had), car, a stereo, but like a true playboy I bought myself a ice cream maker. It was the coolest kitchen appliance I have bought to date and I remember I spent a whole night trying to figure out how I was going to christen the new maker (peanut butter ice cream). I was that fat kid when summer rolled around, would save pocket change and wait for the Siren call of the ice cream truck. I of course never had money ready or never realized it was around and ended up chasing the ice cream truck down a block or two. In retrospect I think the dude knew I was chasing the truck but did not stop for a while to get a good laugh out of watching a out of shape, pudgy 10 year old huffing and puffing. When I finally caught up with the truck and my breathe I would spend my savings of $1.25 (a lot of money for a 10 year old in the 90s)on the Double Play ice cream bar, which was in the shape of a glove, bubblegum flavor and always had a gumball in the middle (which was always stale). If I was lucky, they would have candy cigarettes because pretend smoking was cool.
Although the days of eating Double Plays are over, (I have not seen a box of those in at the freezer section anywhere) the majority of my body fat can still be attributed to ice cream and gelato. Disclaimer: I am not one of those weird people that are not Italian, and did not grow up in Italy that say “gelato” with an Italian flair. You are from Bucks County, not from North Umbria, chill out. If I see someone like you, I may or may not try and trip you.
Gelato is not just a fancy word for ice cream; there is an actual difference and not another word to call ice cream to show your date that you are worldly. The main differences are gelato contains less fat because it is generally made with whole milk. Ice cream has about 10% and gelato is about half of that so I guess it is healthier? It is something you can tell yourself when you are debating if you should kill that whole pint when you are wearing your fat pants and watching Conan. Gelato is churned at a slower speed, hence incorporating less air making it denser and intensifying the flavors. Now we got the food nerd part out, time for the eating. 

Gelato After the Jump!

The West Village is filled with multiple gelato places (Gelateria if you would to impress people). You can roll from one gelato place to another before the gelato stains on your shirt sets. One of these places and my favorites is L’Arte del Gelato which is right across from the Christopher Street Shop. The flamboyant pink sign welcomes all to come in and what they lack in seating, they make up for with a proud and large display of their daily gelato. They have the basics but they also have a few seasonal ones such as the lemon gelato and closer to the fall one of my favorites the pumpkin. One thing to note is that the names of the gelato are all in Italian so you may have to play Nancy Drew the Linguist edition, although most can be figured out easily and by the garnishes that they have like the chili chocolate that is garnished with some chilies.
They have the usual typical serving devices like the freshly made waffle cones or a plain old cup but the way I like to eat it and a bit strange by American standards in a brioche bun. It is exactly how it sounds like; it is literally 2 scoops of gelato, shoved into brioche bun. I first encountered this when I was in Taiwan of all places but also saw this in Italy. Weird to Americans yes but I highly suggest all to try this. I mean, it is an ice cream sandwich, and made with real bread. I got this with a scoop of the hazelnut and the amaretto. The gelato was smooth, intensely flavored. The brioche bun was airy and cakey and as the gelato melted, it acted as a sponge, soaking it all up that by the time you were down to the last bite, it was like eating a tres leche cake and was moist and sweet. 

A true Ice Cream Sandwich, uhh hold the mayo

For the more standard fare I also have tried their olive oil gelato and tiramisu. I know what many are thinking, this Om Nomz Hero guy, can't he just eat normal things like chocolate and vanilla? I would...but then I would miss out on tasty flavors like olive oil, which is slick and intensely fruity but delivers a crisp taste. The tiramisu was able to capture both the marscapone-like creme flavor and coffee essence all in one bite. So go ahead and you can eat they vanilla and chocolate flavors, this just mean I know they are not going to run out of the awesome flavors like olive oil!

Olive Oil and Tiramisu

L”Arte is actually opened all year round which is good for me because I can always get my gelato fix, especially when New York becomes an Arctic Tundra. Summer not only means summer fruits and veggies are in season, means that ice cream and gelato places are back in full swing. Brian freezes for everybody!

L’Arte del Gelato
75 7th Ave
New York, NY 10014

also located in Chelsea Market and Lincoln Center

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