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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sockerbit: Swedes with Gummies, Yah?

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Anything can be made into a Gummy Candy


We associate the Swedes with many things, blonde hair blue eyes, IKEA and Swedish meatballs from IKEA. And there is of course, ABBA, one of the greatest evils that have ever descended upon man. Yet, rarely do we associate them with candy, specifically gummy candy. For the country that created ABBA, what can you really expect from a Swedish candy store? That is what I went to go find out on a nice Saturday afternoon.
Sockerbit is a candy store that recently opened up in the West Village and which houses a wide selection of candies that they have. My previous knowledge of gummy candy either came in bear, fish, worms and children from sour patches did not prepare me of what to expect from Sockerbit. All I knew was that Gummy bears were apparently a German creation, something that I learned in elementary school when the German teacher was trying to get people to take German. He used gummy bears to entice kids into learning German which in retrospect…is kind of messed up. However, going to Sockerbit, I realized how wrong I was and how many variations of gummy candies you can have. 

The first thing that comes to mind when stepping into the store is sterile. It is completely white, the staff is dressed in white and it had felt as if you walked into a clean room or a very pro-Aryan space. The store is lofty and the main focus is the gummy candies are stacked against the wall. The store is self explanatory, it is about 5.99 a pound and you grab a bag, grab a scooper and have at it. I stood there in awe and laughing like an Asian Schoolgirl while trying to decide on the candies I wanted. Unless you are already a gummy candy connoisseur you are reading the descriptions of each candy like going throw stacks of books in a library, it is just a catalog of candies, all hailing from the Swedes. There are your basic gummies that are in every mammal and object such as a gummy key. I do not know what the candy makers were thinking as their target marketing group when they decided that a gummy key was a great idea to shape something sweet into.
Swedish Star- like Swedish fish but...a star

Not only did they have gummy candy, they also had licorice, taffies, fudge and marshmallows, all hailing from the state of Sweden. Far warning, all the candy in this store requires some chewing. The marshmallows, the fudges were all gummy-like and chewy. Also it is fun to go and scoop candy out of bins. I have noticed that it is rare for places to do this now and you get a hit of nostalgia. Sockerbit is an interesting store to hit up and has redeemed the Swedes a bit for bring ABBA. There is no assembly required in coming here or getting the candy, so do not have to worry about left over pieces. 
Marshmallow and Fudge- chewy.
Worm, Bottle and Rooster- Rooster Obviously 1# choice!

89 Christopher St
Manhattan, NY 10014

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