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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dan Tai Fung Redux

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: ...what can't be shoved into a soup dumpling?

Like usual, all my trips back to Taiwan involves a trip to Din Tai Fung. I am going to get some hisses for it being a "chain" but I do not care. It ain't no Crapplebees. Check my previous posts for my usual orderings at Din Tai Fung but the amount of times I have been here, there are still many dishes I have yet to try.

Mini soup dumplings kind of like pelmeni

One of this is mini soup dumplings which are a weekend and I want to say Saturday only offering. These mini dumplings are like their regular soup dumplings but miniaturized, like Honey I Shrunk the Kids kind of deal. The positives of getting this is:
1. you can down a whole soup dumpling down in one bite without destroying the roof of your mouth.
2. Miniature things are awesome and somehow taste better
3. You get a side of chicken soup

Of course any Asian knows that no meal is not complete without some kind of hot liquid. It is just a light flavorful chicken broth.

The other soup dumpling that you will not be getting anywhere else is one filled with shrimp and winter melon. The melon gives a emerald glow to the it. I attempted to take a picture of the innards but it looks like a hot mess. However, this is a special soup dumpling where the "soup" part is all from the melon. Chinese winter melon releases a lot of liquid and creates it own broth and makes for a unique soup dumpling. More after the jump!

Though Din Tai Fung is all about the dumplings apparently, their fried rice is something that is popular so we ordered the shrimp fried rice. Unfortunately you could not get General Chicken with it or as a lunch time combo.
Texturally and consitency wise, it was truly something. It was as if each piece of rice was uniformly coated with oil and egg and individually fried. It was light and fluffy. However, the only thing it was lacking was salt and it painfully needed it and almost pulled a Joy Luck Club move and dose that down with soy.

Unfortunately, at most Chinese places dessert is fruit, which is fine and healthy, but sometimes you want that Death by Chocolate....but that did not have that either but they do have a steamed dumpling with a red bean fill. This is a dumpling that needs to be eaten right away or the skin of the dumpling gets all hard and chewy like a old sneaker. the red bean fill was unbelivably creamy and smooth and had no bits of uneven chunks and smooth enough to take intravenously.

I will continue to return back to Din Tai Fung despite the waits and I will eventually, figure out what the hell this mascot thing is.


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