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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Wasabi mayo can vastly improve many things

so...glittery, happy I do not use hallucinogenic drugs

Everybody wants to open up a place in New York from bakeries, restaurant and even hotdog stands. Japadog, which started off in Vancouver as a simple hotdog stand has slowly building up their mini Japanese hotdog empire and opened its first brick and mortar location (at least from what I can tell from the website) in New York. Japadog will most likely be described by people as being, quirky or “East meets West” or the “F” word, fusion. But it is basically if you were going to sell hotdogs in Asia or Japan, this is what it would be like. Sure you can get a regular hotdog or other various meats in tube form here, but you can also get maybe some bonito flakes, seaweed and mayo on it too.  
Love Meat...resisting urge for sexual innuendo

The Japadog store front can be best described as loud. Brightly colored and because it just opened had a tinsel covered doorway. It looked like a Japanese bonsai team decorated it or a colorblind Cher fan but hey, it does attract attention. Their most popular is their Terimayo dog and various others but I guess in the rush to open this place up, only half the menu is available and the other half was labeled as “coming soon. I went with the Oroshi dog that was comprised of a bratwurst, freshly grated daikon and a “special” soya sauce and with a side of the butter and shoyu. It took a while for my dog and fries to get to me but they were making and cooking all the stuff to order, which is okay for now but if there is a rush, you are most likely going to have to wait a while. Check out the dog after the jump!

Oroshi dog, tasty brat somewhere under there...
The Oroshi dog was fine; the brat was plump and juicy and could be eaten on its own. The diakon did not add much taste to it but I guess it was refreshing to have and hit of thick soy, and scallions made it unnecessary to really put any condiments on it. They have a bountiful condiment bar that had your usual condiments from ketchup and mustard but they also have barbeque and wasabi mayo as well and in addition there is also relish, pickled peppers and jalapenos.  However, I cannot get over the fact that the bun vs. filling ratio was almost two to one. The bun was huge and was the size of a small hoagie and after the dumping of diakon and various condiments, the brat literally was lost. You had to dig to find it. The bun was tasty, crisp, grilled, and warm and slightly sweet it is unfortunate that a quarter of the bun would end up as discard. 

greasy and limp.

The fries were a miss unfortunately, although the butter and shoyu flavoring was great, buttery and salty but the fries were limp and greasy. The fries were by far the biggest let down, of the great flavors you can have with them such as curry or wasabi, what good is it to have these options of the fries are bad?

at least they recycle?

It is early to write off Japadog off and I think I will give them a few weeks to work out the kinks before hitting this place up again. The place was far from being crowded but I think once the NYU kiddies are back from break, they will be hitting this place up and hopefully Japadog will be ready.

30 St. Marks Place

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