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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Franny's- Doing Artisan Pizza before it was like, cool

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self:  Ain’t never too hot to eat pizza

Back on 2004 when I did not know any better about food and Domino’s 5-5-5 deal was pizza awesomeness to me, Franny’s opened up in Flatbush. This was when Flatbush still was a shadier neighborhood and anybody dressed like a hipster would mostly likely not make it out of that neighborhood unscathed. Not only did the opening of Franny’s mark the start of this revitalization of Brooklyn, but it also was the vanguards of artisan pizza making. Before Neapolitan and wood fired pizzas were a standard in New York, there was Franny’s pumping out pizzas out of their wood fire oven. Years later with new places sprouting in every Borough, Franny’s is going strong and I was due for a visit here. 

Pork Cheek and Beef Tongue Terrine
I came here early in the afternoon before the families and hung over hipsters rush and Franny’s was still quite empty. Franny’s also has a garden outback but given the rising temperatures outside the day that I went, I decided I would rather chill in the comfortably spacious and air conditioned dining room. I started out with the pork cheek and beef tongue terrine, which for an offal lover like me I was instantly drawn too and knew I had to order. The terrine was served warm with slices of fresh, toasted pieces of rustic bread. The meat in the terrine was moist and tender with quivering globs of fat that was a natural spread on the bread. This was a great starter regardless if you are a fan of charcuterie or offal bits. Also the addition of fennel pollen on anything just kicks up the dish from a 10 to an 11. Anybody that likes meat in some aspect would like this terrine and the only signs that there were offal cuts in the terrine are the bits of cartilage (which by the way, I am unsure where it came from, but tasted good regardless). 

Clams, chilis parsley pie
The point of my coming here was to try a pie and although I should have gotten the Margherita in order to do the whole fair judgment and “control” I said to forget that and just get the clam pie. The clam pie here is a must get and is a clear stand out from most clam pies in the city or even the tri-state mainly because they are actually using fresh clams on their pies. Even some of my favorite pizza places use canned clams which can be tasty, but nothing can beat the taste of fresh clams on a pie. Although the clams were sparingly put on the pie, the clams were plump, juicy and tender reigning quality over quantity. The pie had a brush of cream that paired nicely added to the richness of the pie. The controlled use of chili flakes was great, with just enough heat to tickle the back of your throat with each bite.  

Pizza Up Skirt- light char
 One thing to note is that they are not making straight up Neapolitan pies. The best way to classify the pies at Franny’s is that they are artisan wood fire pies. The pies are lightly charred and have more a chew to them than compared to a Neapolitan pie. The pie i notice has considerably greater rise and can been seen with the numerous pizza bubbles dotting the pie. However, they dough has a depth to it that is reminiscent of a Neapolitan pie and tasty enough that pizza “bones” are rarely left behind on the plate. The same goes for the rest of the food, which they put an emphasis on local foods. Franny’s is a must go food destination in Brooklyn that will not disappoint.

295 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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