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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: I cannot say “Sugar Sweet Sunshine” 10x fast

For a person that prefers cakes over an actual cupcake, I sure write and eat a lot of cupcakes but that is mainly because the reality is I do not have a discriminating palate and I will basically eat anything that tastes good…and sugary. I remember a few years ago, the first time I visited Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery in the Lower East was also the first time I went to Clinton Street Bakery, one I have never been back to and the other I stop by any chance I get and I think you can guess which one I am talking about. 

Pumpkin Cupcake
Before Sugar Sweet Sunshine, I had no faith that cupcakes could taste good because prior to that all I had sampled were ones from Magnolia and Crumbs were the definition of mediocrity and below average. They were like the Paris Hilton of cupcakes, wait, is she still relevant? Anyways, basically both these places are making cupcakes and bake goods that are not really anything special but due to a bit of fame (thankfully the cupcakes did not involve night vision) they gained popularity and a groupon-zombie horde following. More Cupcakes after the Jump!

The Bob
Thanks to Sugar Sweet, I realized that cupcakes are not so bad and can be in fact good and also that there is nothing unmanly about going into a flamboyantly pink bakery shop and chowing down on some cupcakes (but I still get weird looks sometimes). Since the first time I went to Sugar Sweet a couple of years ago, I have eaten more cupcakes from there than I would like to admit and cupcakes from other places. I have never had a cupcake from there that I disliked and would never eat again. Some of my favorites that I have there is their “Bob” which is a yellow cake base with a chocolate almond buttercream. The buttercream is American style, which has a bit more sugar, but it is still smooth and decadent. The cupcake is seemingly simple but it works and the cake is moist and light. The Pumpkin, with a cream cheese frosting is for people like me that love the flavors of fall and want it all year round. The pumpkin is denser and the tartness of the cream cheese frosting brings it all together. 


Pistachio- did not survive transportation, but tastes great!
Their strawberry and pistachio cupcakes are also some of my favorites, the strawberries are low on the artificial, Grandma Candy taste and presses on the richness with the addition of cream cheese frosting again but it is just right. The Pistachio had the savory nuttiness mixed with the sweetness and this is topped with “the Moose” buttercream which is a smooth whipped cream buttercream that imparts lightness to the cupcake. Not only are they doing cupcakes, they have bundts and others and one treat that should not be missed is their banana pudding. Just like their cupcakes it is made fresh and you can get in various sizes. The pudding has chunks of perfectly ripe bananas and instead of using wafers, they use moist chunks of pound cake which I prefer and just add to this tasty sinful dish. The banana pudding is a comfort food, stretchy pants food. 

Banana Pudding- also known as Awesome pudding
Sugar Sweet is a great place in the Lower East and the only criticism that I can even think of is their transportation system. Although they do have boxes, if let’s say, get two cupcakes (I mean if I get four, I am going to eat them all, I have to pretend to have self-control) they are thrown into a bag, which is understandable but frosting structural integrity can go array as you can see from the pistachio cupcake. Whatever they may lack in sophisticated transport systems, they make up in consistently good cupcakes and bake goods. Although there cupcakes or the shop does not have the look that Sprinkles or Crumbs chic look, they make up for it in bring legitimate comfort in their treats. Crumbs is opening up shops around the country and soon abroad and Magnolia just got their franchising license, but I am fine with places such as Sugar Sweet with their one location in the Lower East producing solid good cupcakes. 

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery
126 Rivington St # 1
New York, NY 10002-2391

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