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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: If Bumfuck was an actual place, the restaurants there would be amazing and tasty

Sometimes you need to go out of your way to get good food and as annoying as it maybe to take the L to Brooklyn, it places like Roberta's makes it worth it. Roberta's is located is a desolate area of Brooklyn and coming out of the Morgan Ave station can make you a bit uneasy. It looks like there is a bunch of warehouses, the street is pretty empty and there are random shady menacing  looking hipsters that have questionable hygiene. Once you actually find Roberta's that feeling does not really leave you as the entrance is tagged up, and has no signs of food being served here. Anywhere else and not having prior knowledge of its existence you would easily walk by it, and if you were driving, most likely check to make sure your door was locked. However, you would miss out on some great tasting food.

Once you enter in Roberta's you are transported to a busy restaurant. Well, you are not stepping into a Jean Georges, the tables are wooden and aged and long picnic tables rule the room. The scrawled tables, rock music and dim lighting, it seems more like the dive bar I would sometimes go to in college (Corner Tavern @ Rutgers anyone?). However, the food being served here is nothing like the setting suggests with simple fresh and food that you would find at a 3 star establishment or in this case, a 2 star New York Times. I came here about 40 minutes after it opened, and the place was almost filled. Anybody that claims they like food, is doing themselves a disservice by not visiting here at least once and if not for their pizza.

 I went with the Beastmaster which automatically one of the best named dishes ever. Thankfully not like that show that was on the WB and after Xena and Hercules (I watched a lot of tv as a kid) the pie consists of tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, Berkshire pork sausage, capers, jalapenos, red onions. I generally do not mess with a pizza by making substitutions or adding stuff on but its rare when I can throw an egg on top so that is what I did. I mean, the addition of the egg is always a plus.

The pizza came out mouth roof burning hot. Not a fault on them, more like one on me, but I see it as a consequence of eating tasty fresh made food. the pizza was thin crusted and a great amount of char on it. Normally thin crusted pies do not have much going on in the taste of the dough because the trade off of a crispy pie is sometimes you cannot taste the flavors of the dough. However, in this case, the dough was flavorful and crispy which I have rarely enjoyed. the topping combination was great, the sausage was juicy and the jalapenos was a great spicy kick. On the side they have chili oil which if you are a spicyhead, is a must. the Egg addition was of course a good idea and the runny yolk was great to soak up with the crust.

Though I only stopped by quick to try the pizza, it is more than enough of a reason to come back here for dinner service or again to try their the rest of the menu. The service was great and is worth a trek out.

261 Moore St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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