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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Best Mozzarella, Liz Lemon Sandwich at Fiore's Deli

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Fresh Mozzarella is meant to be eaten solo, you are not going to want to share it.

There are moments in your life where you ask yourself the question:

“What did I just put into my mouth?”

For your sake, hopefully you are not somewhere is West Africa, a sleazy cafĂ© in Amsterdam or a frat house with the permanent stench of stale beer and Axe body spray. Hopefully, you will be in Hoboken, New Jersey (may not be too far from the frat house scenario unfortunately) at Fiore’s Deli eating their mozzarella.
Mozz from Fiore's photo from times.com

I have heard of this magical place but never really went out of my way to stop by there and get some of their homemade mozzarella. As much pride as I have being from Jersey, I never think about Hoboken as being a destination of anything food related. I though Hoboken was where people from Stevens and where the Guidos migrate too when the shore gets too cold. Some of the stereotypes were proven true as I passed by 2 “bros” already with a healthy afternoon buzz going, that Hoboken is not such a bad place and in fact, kind of reminds me of Carroll Gardens. 
Looks like your ordinary deli...

However, Hoboken is home to some of the best mozzarella I have ever eaten in my life. This game changer mozzarella can be found at Fiore’s Deli on Adams Street. Like Tiger when he first started playing golf and way before he was sleeping with waitresses from Perkins. Making mozzarella since 1913, you can say they have the mozzarella making process down pat. I came in here just before closing as they were wiping down the counters. Immediately after walking in, 4 others walked in and as we all quietly milled about, the counter man walked out and asked the only question that needs to be asked when you walk in, “how many pounds do you need?” He knew why we were there and when you are making great mozzarella, that’s al you need to ask.


The mozzarella is different first on appearance, most mozzarella from say Dipalos or Joe’s Dairy is formed into balls, yet here it is sold in braided logs and woven like a thick tasty rope. One thing I must stress is that mozzarella should be eaten at room temperature and should not be thrown into the refrigerator or a cooler. Screw the USDA regulations, we Americans are too obsessed with keeping things cool and against anything room temperature. To buy a pound of this and then throw it immediately into the fridge or a cooler is like the Pope giving you a communion wafer and you spitting it out, you just do not do that. You eat this fresh and buy as much as you can eat in a day. If god forbid you do have some leftover, then you can put it in the fridge but bring it to room temperature before eating it, but be aware, it will not taste the same.  This is the epitome of what mozzarella should be and taste like. This beautiful clear white log of cheese is tender, borderline gelatinous and on first bite you get the overwhelming assertive taste of milk then a wave of saltiness slithers its way onto your taste buds that any brain function. This mozzarella has ruined all mozzarella for me and will be the mozzarella that I will compare all too.

Magical Gravy Roast Beef and Mozz

This Fiore’s Deli on Saturdays has a special that they only do on Saturdays that I was luckily able to nab. Every day they have some kind of special by Saturday is Roast Beef and Mozzarella day. You grab a roll from the side, that Fiore’s gets from Dom’s Bakery and they will load up the roll with thick slices of their fresh mozzarella and paper thin slices of rare roast beef. The kicker to this sandwich is the gravy that comes with it, and you must get it on the side. This sandwich is best consumed the day of and eaten like a French Dip sandwich. The gravy is an intensely flavored salty beefy au jus that is so good; I froze the leftover gravy, in order to save the precious juices. I call this the Liz Lemon Sandwich because this is the sandwich that they feature on 30 Rock on the sandwich day episode and eating this, Tina Fey ain’t acting, it is that good. So venture into Hoboken and get a great sandwich and unbelievably fresh mozz. Just don’t take my sandwich or mozz or you will all have chins.

Fiore's Deli
414 Adams Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

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