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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Christie's Jamaican Patties

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Jamaican Hot Sauce smite all demons

Every good eating food culture has some variation of meat stuffed pastry: bao zi, empanada, Cornish pastry and of course Jamaican Beef Patties. I have found myself going to the Farmers market at the Grand Army Plaza and although it is smaller than Union Square Market, it is just as good and has all your needs. I have found myself going for a pre or post market snack at Christie’s Jamaican Patties. I have never been to Jamaica and my previous experiences of beef patties where the frozen ones in the supermarket and eating one at the local 7-11. Although it did not taste bad (level of sobriety may or may not have affected the taste), I do know that the beef patties at Christie’s is hell of a lot better.
Christie’s has other baked goods such as breads and Danishes and even has a small lunch counter of curries and jerk, the thing to get here is the namesake Jamaican Patties. They have 3 different patties beef being the popular, chicken and a vegetable one that is filled with cabbage and potatoes. 

It would be a mistake to not go for the extra carb boost and get the patty stuffed in between one of their fresh coco breads, which does not taste like coconut or chocolate as the name may suggest, but it is a hearty roll with a crusty exterior and fluffy interior making it a worthy transport vessel and greasy hand protector while you chomp down on one of these patties. The filling is ragu-esque and warmly spiced, heavy on the all spice and black pepper. The coco bread should actually be a requirement, in catching inevitable filling squeeze out as you bite into the patty. Add a little of the house made Jamaican hot sauce, which has a great pepper flavor and a kick that will flush all toxins from the previous evening.  Don’t forget to get a ginger beer of a Ting to wash it all down. 

Christie's  Jamaican Patties
334 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238-4302

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