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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shopsins: The Castles

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: First time I have been to Shopsins, and finally saw Kenny cooking in the kitchen. It was a good day.

Thankfully growing up in New Jersey, I never was deprived of sliders with legendary spots like the White Mamma and White Rose system to just knowing that White Castle exists. One of my favorite places that make sliders is Shopsins. Say what you want about them, but when it comes to a burger or sliders, they make a damn good one. Better yet, they have found a way to make sliders an acceptable breakfast treat by simply adding eggs and that is why on their insanely long menu, the castles is worth ordering, eventually because the amount of times I have been there, still have not been able to try everything that I have wanted on there. For some reason, the name the Castles makes me think of Castle Grey Skull from He-Man and eating this makes me feel awesome and makes me ride on top of a tiger…with a hell of a lot more clothes on than He-Man, its fall and it’s kind of cold.

The Castles is an order of their sliders, and fluffy eggs and a glutton amount of cheese is piled on top of it. This is the meal, well for a big eater like me, a snack of champions. For a few bucks more, you can add some hatch chilies on it but not necessary in my opinion because when you got their hot sauce (it’s a proprietary “housemade” blend for you Brooklynites!) that basically makes everything taste good. If you want tasty sliders for breakfast and make it look socially acceptable, get at the Castles at Shopsins.

Also, screw everybody, I think it is a requirement to get a milkshake or an egg cream with an order of sliders or just anytime i you come here. I noticed that the slutty cakes is now in milkshake form so you can get a tasty peanut butter and pumpkin milkshake at 9am, how is this not awesome?

Essex St Market
120 Essex St

New York, NY 10002

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