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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sundaes and Cones

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Who else feels awkward when they get a sample spoon of ice cream and they do not have a bucket to chuck it?

Fall is here meaning that I for some reason, people slowly stop eating ice cream. Something about it’s too cold to eat or something. Preying on other’s weaknesses ( I am a horrible human being for thinking like that) I take the chance to hit up ice cream shops that get ridiculously packed in the hotter days so I can get my ice cream fix, line free.

One of those places is Sundaes and Cones, in the East Village. Sundaes and Cones could be a typical cute ice cream shop with usual flavors but they also have some interesting flavors such as red bean, black sesame, avocado and wasabi for the adventurous all leaning towards flavors that would be common in Asia. I was in a fruity mood (yup, set myself up for that one) and they had a fair selection of sorbets I decided to try their guava and lychee ice cream. Guava one of my favorite fruits and is a fruit that is found in tropical areas. It is a flavor on its own but the best way to describe it is it tastes a mix between strawberry and a bit of kiwi, but I realize that the basis of the flavor combinations is unfortunately from Bubblicious gum and bad tasting candy. Lychee is another fruit that I like and usually in the past when I had lychee ice creams, they usually had an overwhelming sweetness and artificial aftertaste but the ice cream of Sundaes and Cones did not have that and had the best replication of the taste of fresh lychee in frozen confection form.

I notice as I was leaving, they were baking up fresh cookies, something that I must get the next time I stop by there and taste, for chocolate chip cookie research and comparison. Sundaes and Cones as the name states, does sundaes that I would like to try in the future, but need to enlist at least another person, so I do not look like a complete fatty.

Sundaes and Cones
95 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

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