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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bark Hot Dogs

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Apparently Bark is a family friendly environment; need to turn my headphones down when listening to Wu Tang

I finally made it out to Bark Hot Dogs. Bringing tube meat (insert pun) to an elevated level, Bark Hot Dogs is sourcing their dogs and their ingredients of the highest quality. They have a list of where they are getting their ingredients mounted on the wall and or course being in the Slope, this piece of information is just more important if not more than the Health Board certificate. Bark Hot Dogs reminds me and most likely modeled after Shake Shack in set up and in service. It is the pseudo-fast food kind of genre. The place is orderly, the people working there actually look somewhat happy and food is cooked to order and distributed in an orderly manner. I stopped in for a snack, because as I stated previously, hotdogs never seem like a complete meal to me. I got the namesake Bark Dog and the chili cheese dog. The Bark dog consists of ketchup, mustard onions and a Sweet Pickle Relish. This is not dirty water hotdog, which by the way I never saw the appeal. They do not ever taste good, even when drunk. Anyways first bite into the hot dog, you know it is different and this is what a good dog should taste like. 

There is that “snap” that you get from every bite of this dog. I remember reading previously that they use what they call “Bark Butter” that is a mix of butter and pork-like fat that is smoked. I approve of this. The chili cheese dog looks almost unnatural without the Cheez Whiz layer, but that cheese sauce is all natural (Grafton Farms in VT). The sauce has a bit of a sharp bite to it and is mouth roof burning hot which I guess is a consequence of fresh made food. Though it is pricier than most places you will eat a hot dog from, it is a good hot dog and they have other options such as burgers and sandwiches I need to try in the future. 

Bark Hot Dogs
474 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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