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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eataly Pizza Fritta

Om Nomz Note to Self: How can you not like fried dough?

Madison Square Eats is back till June 1st. In the space that is basically a medium for traffic is filled with food vendors which is a godsend to those living in Murray Hill. Eataly has there own booth going, just in case you were feeling lazy and did not want to go into Eataly itself. What caught my attention was the Pizza Fritta that they would be having. I got the heads up from Serious Eats that there would be fried dough, specifically mini Pizza Frittas being sold at the Eataly booth and I am always game for fried dough so off I went to check it out. For 8 bucks, you get 2 Pizza Frittas that are about the size of an adolescent teen's fist. topped with some tomato sauce, pecornio and a single basil leaf it does not seem much. I was more expecting this, just miniaturized and reminded me of a zeppole. However it was quite good and the Fritta was chewy and nice doughy acidity. It was a nice snack for a big eater and given how somethings are priced here at Madison Square Eats, not a bad deal. They are also frying other things that i did not really check out but maybe something I will check out later.

wtf, i got ripped, i only got half a basil leaf on one!

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