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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New World Mall Food Court in Flushing

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: The more Engrish the better the food

I finally made it out to Flushing to check out the New World Food Court and I was not disappointed by it all and also, they have shaved milk ice so that is always a plus. The New World Food Court and the older Flushing Food Court is nothing like the local Mall. There are no McDonalds or a Carl’s Steak but oddly enough, on the top floor there is a Hagen Daz. The food court is reminiscent of the Food Courts found in Asia. It is even similar to the badly Engrish translation and the Fobby style makes me feel like I am in Taiwan. 

Unless it is a Din Tai Fung, I am a bit wary of eating soup dumplings in a food court. I guess it is the association that food court=shit. However, I was surprised by the soup dumplings at Noodle Village So Good, which is a great name for a place. I am unsure if it is a name or a statement, but it keeps you guessing. They are making fresh soup dumplings and we tried both of them. 
Soup Dumplings via food court

The soup dumplings are big and have a muffin top appearance, the bottom is bloated with the copious amount of soup. Suggestion, eating this, screw the cheap tiny spoon, precious soup will be lost, eat this with the bowl. The only criticism I have on these dumplings is the top of the dumpling is a bit doughy and thick, but despite that, it is a good soup dumpling and for the 4.95 price tag, I would order a few. Heck, it is probably cheaper with subway fare and better than going to Joe Shanghai in Chinatown and given the lines there, just about the same amount of time. The rice noodles are good here, thick rice noodles covered in a thick soy and peanut sauce. The rice noodles are thick and rope-like but chewy and filling.  More food after the Jump!

Rice noodle rolls

Hand pulled noodles is the current thing on any food nerd radar and Lanzhou hand pulled noodles is one of the best places to get it. The most notable thing to get here is the sliced noodles, but it was about 90 degrees out and I was not in the mood for a noodle soup so I settled for the lamb fried hand pulled noodles. The noodles were light and a nice chew to them aka “Q” as it is called in Taiwan. 

Hand pulled noodles
Lamb Fried Noodles

There are a lot of food stalls that cater to those that like spicy foods and Laoma Ma La Tang is one of those places. You can get the a Ma La Hot pot but they have a Mongolian BBQ-like set up, which you can choose a combination of proteins and vegetables and they will fry it up. This is done by weight so a little strategic ordering is needed here. They have pork blood cakes, intestines and a good amount of offal cuts. The whole thing is served in a big wooden salad bowl and a bowl of rice. They use a lot of dried chilies for heat which not only has good flavor and does not completely burn you while eating it. 

Pick your own protein, veggies or offal
Salad Bowl is a nice touch
There are a lot of tea places but I was interested in SNOPO, in which the name looks like a butchered spelling of the name “Snoopy”. I know, my mind works in weird ways. Despite the weird names, they do frozen shaved milk ice. Though I could have went with one o f there crazier “sundae” versions that have cocoa and cereal on it, I played it cool and just did peanuts and red bean. The shaved ice milk is shaved finely, almost to a powder consistency. Usually the frozen milk is more like flaky strands, but I am not complaining. Shaved milk ice is light and fluffy and with a bit of condensed milk on top and crunchy peanuts, it was a nice dessert. 

Stomach space as usual hindered me from eating from every place in the food court but I think I had a good start. The place is very clean and people are wiping down the tables. I suggest coming here early or late because it can get crowded. Peak hours, you will experience what I call, “Asian mode” in which people will hover over you waiting for you to finish, running for open tables, throwing jackets and bags on chairs, trying to claim eating space like it is a game of Risk. Stand your ground and do not be deterred. Also, nearly all the places have an English translation of their dishes so it is Gringo friendly enough for anyone to come and eat. 

Shave milk ice with red bean and peanuts                    

New World Mall Food Court 
4021 Main St
Flushing, NY 11354

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