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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pies and Thighs

Om Nomz Hero note to Self: Addicted to the combination of hot sauce and syrup
Pecan crunch donut

I have been meaning to go to Pies and Thighs for a while, but could never really drag myself or anyone else over there. But, I was in Williamsburg Saturday morning and it finally clicked and a quick walk over, I finally made it to Pies and Thighs. I have also been craving Chicken and Waffles like a drunken stoner and knew they had it on their menu so this was a no brainer to me. The place unfortunately reeks of hipster. The place and the majority of the customers are the epitome of hipster culture. I fortunately, can ignore the hipness in the name of food and hunger, but be duly noted. After being seated at a vintage-like table, went with the chicken and waffles and started off with some doughnuts. They have two kinds of doughnut, cake and yeasted and I went with the old fashioned cake doughnut and the yeasted pecan crunch doughnut. The doughnuts here were big, the size of children floaties. I am pretty sure that if I have a sock and shoved one of these doughnuts in, I could have used it as a weapon or part of a fraternity initiation.  Back to the doughnuts, they were actually quite good, the old fashioned had a nice cinnamon sugar coat and was like eating a dense cake in a good way. The yeasted pecan crunch doughnut was good, but I was expecting it to be lighter and there was very little discernible difference in texture and density between their yeasted and cake doughnuts. In a hungover state, I most likely would not be able to tell the difference.  
Old fashion donut
The chicken and waffles came out promptly and I was surprised at what I got. The chicken was there, dark meat which is a huge plus but the waffles threw me off and are apparently buckwheat waffles, which gives it the color of gargoyle. The chicken was great and I cannot stress enough of it being dark meat, I mean if you have a choice, why do you do white? Here they save you the trouble of you making an idiotic decision and give you a leg and a thigh (Pies and Thighs get it?). The chicken is truly good and the skin just shatters on first bite. I think it was Huffington Post that rated this as one of the best fried chickens and I cannot really argue with that, it one of the best chickens I had in a while. Though the chicken was great, the waffle was not as good unfortunately. The waffle was limp and the tasted bread-y, a bit of a shame given how good the chicken was. The taste fruit compote and the butter did not help it all that much. 
Chicken and Waffles
I unfortunately did not get the pie here because I did not want to too like a big gavone but the food here is good, despite the hipster repertoire and the not so great waffles. I can see myself returning for the chicken and to check out the pies, come here early, because after 11 on a weekend, there is a good chance you may have to wait.

Pies and Thighs 
166 S.4th Street 
Brooklyn NY

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