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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Best Supermarket eating eva

For Mother’s Day, I decided to hit up Manzo which is located in the heart of hell Eataly. I avoid Eataly because I am anti-social and the place is generally very crowded and full of people. Also I find most of the things that I need I can get from Buon Italia, Dipalos or other places. However, after eating here at Manzo, I think I can make an exception on eating here. 
Unlike the other restaurants in Eataly, Manzo is actually like an enclosed space and despite the amount of people in Eataly, it is actually quite quiet here and you are able to have an actual conversation. Also the enclosed space does not have people leering over you and staring at your plate or when you back your chair up, you may accidentally knock over the shelves of anchovies. On to the Food!


The lunch menu and dinner menu is the same and coming for lunch, I find it to be less hectic and Manzo not to be crowded. We started off with a roasted beet salad and veal sweetbreads from the antipasti menu and then an order of the seared strip lion and for shits and giggles, agnolotti. We are Asian, so we this up family style.
The roasted beets were good, but were really ordered just because beets are good and pretending to not start heavy. The combo of sheep ricotta, hazelnuts is a natural pairing.

 The veal sweetbreads were prefect though, tender with a side of grilled shallots and pancetta vinaigrette, so basically bacon vinaigrette, how porky essence and sweetbreads? Call this a win. The seared strip loin was killer. Served rare and topped with an artfully scored king mushroom it was finished off with a sauce that was comprised of foie. The mushrooms were tender and the meat, flavorful. I must come back and try the actual steak here. Finally, the agnolotti here was just flavorful pockets of goodness. Filled with a mixture of veal and pork, each bite yielded an intense flavor that was aided with a deep brown butter sauce. 

At Manzo, I noticed that foie is used a lot a in the dishes but not as a main player. The Fussili Duck Ragu had foie in it, but it was incorporated in the sauce. The addition intensified the decadence and richness of the ragu. The fussilli was a bit on the al dente-er side, which I like, but others would not really enjoy. 
Ducky Ragu

The Lobster Chitarra, which in simple terms, was lobster spaghetti that was nice with big chucks of lobster in it, the ratio of lobster to pasta as almost equal. I am a sucker for braised beef or just soft meats. Yes, I have the textural palate of a retiree. The slow roasted Beef Rib was tender and was slightly crisp on the outside that was a nice contrast to the soft meat. Though Red Snapper, with a caponata was a simple looking dish but tasted great.  Fish was cooked perfectly and the caponata was a great accompaniment to it. There was suppose to be chili oil but I did not really taste or detect it all but was not a detriment to the dish at all. 
Beef Rib

Red Snapper
I wanted to try dessert but I unshamelessly wanted a concrete from the Shake Shack. However, the portions here at Manzo were ample leaving you satisfied. Manzo is a hidden oasis in the chaos of Eataly that is often overlooked by those looking for a spot to dine in the area. 

200 5th Ave
New York, NY 10010

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