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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Gay Ice Cream Tru--err, Shop!

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Tastiness of Ice Cream is directly related to the amount of Mythical Animals within the vicinity

I sauntered down 7th Ave a couple of weeks ago and was greeted with a flash mob of people, all waiting for the grand opening of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Shop grand opening. All the times I have walked through there, I have never seen so many people and although I wanted to get their soft serve, the line was down the street and I wanted ice cream, but not an hour wait for ice cream!

The Unicorn is like staring into your soul

I came back this previous weekend and thankfully, the grand opening hype had died down and I was finally able to stop by their shop. Even if you do not like ice cream, stopping by their shop is just highly entertaining and to sum up the shop in one word, it would be in the words of Big Gay Al from South Park, “SUPER!” Stepping in you are greeted with a mural of a fairy tale Unicorn and an inflatable unicorn on propped on the opposite side of the wall, even the most hard ass person will utter a couple of chuckles. Everything that they have been serving from their truck is available at their shop and a few other additions as well. Seeing that it was my first time here and overwhelmed by the choices, I decided to go for their most featured creation, the Salty Pimp. Unfortunately not served in a golden chalice with a side of Olde English, it is a cone topped with vanilla soft serve, dulce de leche, sprinkle of sea salt and all locked in by a chocolate shell. It is no ordinary softee cone and makes it clear that pimping is anything but easy, but it sure is tasty. 

The jazzed up soft serve is just one of the few creations that they have and other interesting toppings like, olive oil, wasabi peas and key lime curd. They also have ice pops/paletas from La Newyorkina and ice cream sandwiches made from cookies from the Treats Truck. If you are like me and basically too lazy to go and seek out their truck, you can visit their shop in the East Village and get some whimsical and tasty soft serve. Also, if you are a Unicorn enthusiast, you should check out that Unicorn on the wall. 

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
125 East 7th Street

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