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Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Last Bite: Byggyz at San Gennaro

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: A good sandwich never ceases to amaze me

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If you are like me you probably won’t admit, you stared at the word, “Byggyz” and have a brain fart trying to figure out how the heck you pronounce this without sounding like Bulgarian 5 year old trying to speak English. Pronounced “Biggie’s” this sandwich shop made a sneak peek preview at the feast of San Gennaro. Headed by Dewey Dufresne, father of Wylie the spelling of the shop makes complete sense on the name and that the Byggyz beef sandwich was not going to be any ordinary sandwich.

Despite the crowded streets and the passing parade, Dewey Dufresne took the time to actually explain the construction of the sandwich and it was not just throwing a slab of beef on bread. The beef itself is slowly braised in beef stock and pomegranate juice shredded and then with the help of Activa (meat glue) it is compressed into a block and seared on the flat top. Topped with a “XO-llent sauce” (word play much?) that consists of mayo, mustard, and sweet peppers, pickled vegetables, hot peppes and American cheese is contained in between a ciabatta bun from Falai this is a well throughout and multi processed sandwich.

The star of this sandwich is of course the beef which after going through all that care and deconstruction and rebuild tasted great. The beef block burst with meaty fatty goodness with each bite; making Boars Head meats looking like a cheap Southeast Asian knock off. The condiments offered a great balance and the ciabatta bun had a soft enough yield that make the sandwich a easy eat.

Though the sandwich shop is not destined to open till next year, if this sandwich is an indicator of what is in store this is a place, news and updates of the opening of this sandwich shop should be permanently on your food radar. 

For a more detailed profile: NYMag

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