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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Screaming for Ice Cream Again

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Olive Bread and ice cream does not go together

It may be cooling down, but I am still eating ice cream. Actually, I do not think there is a time when I am not eating ice cream. I Originally wanted to stop by the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on its opening day, but I saw the line at noon, and although I wanted their ice cream, I did not want it that bad and could wait a few days and weeks for the opening day shenanigans to calm down. I however decided to venture over to the Van Leeuwen shop for their ice cream. I noticed for the first time, that they were doing ice cream sandwiches. I already like their cookies and their ice cream and together just made sense. One of their seasonal flavors they had was the Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate stout ice cream. 

Ginger Molasses Cookie Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

The Ice cream was velvety and had a lingering malty flavor that tasted wonderful. The cookies were the molasses ginger cookies that I have had before so on paper, this should be a complete win right? Unfortunately, this was not the case. The ice cream had a gelato consistency, meaning it was very soft and almost runny and the cookies were chewy rather than soft. Biting into it, all structural integrity of this sandwich was lost and ice cream exploded from the sides. This resulted making my hands covered and dribbled in chocolate ice cream (tasty ice cream at least) and looked like I participated in some sort of weird Germanic Fetish show. In short, the cookies at Van Leeuwen are great, so are their ice creams but together ehh not so much. Mo Ice Cream after the Jump!

Pistachio and Cassata

After many cups, some brain freeze and extra miles on the morning run I have basically sampled all the gelato shops specializing in gelato in the West Village. I finally want to Grom, the ever popular gelateria. I went with the cassata and my favorite standby the pistachio. The cassata is a Sicilian cake that is made with ricotta and marzipan and that is exactly what the gelato tasted like. The Pistachio was good but the consistency of the gelato was far softer and a lot runnier than all the other surrounding places. The consistency was a turn off and in fact I think it took away from the flavor intensity that you get when eating gelato. 

After getting my fix of olive bread, courtesy of Sullivan Street Bakery, a few doors down was the JE & Jo Ice cream. Opening up this summer, Je & Jo Ice cream marrying our love of cookie dough and ice cream in their artisan shop in Hell’s Kitchen. However, it would not be much of a business model if they just sold vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough. There they are mixing and matching multiple cookie dough and ice cream such as the honey grapefruit and pecan sandie cookie dough or the cinnamon ice cream with oatmeal raisin. Their ice cream and cookie dough concoctions are all pre-made so you do not get the whole parlor and someone scooping it in from of you. All the ice cream is sold in the little Dixie cups and the wooden paddles that are reminiscent of ice cream time at summer camp.

Cardamom Ice cream and Snickerdoodle cookie dough- Its an eco-friendly cup!

I opted to try the cardamom ice cream with snickerdoodle cookie dough. The cardamom ice cream was light and the floral citrus flavor of cardamom worked great with the sugary cookie dough. They do not skimp on the cookie dough which is a thick disk that is sandwiched in between the ice cream. There was enough cookie dough in this 4 oz. container to easily bake off two child sized cookies. Although the combination was nicely paired, I personally would have liked the cookie dough was spread out throughout the ice cream, ensuring an ice cream and cookie dough with every bite. The Dixie cup like package also makes it ideal for one to buy up a bunch and store them in the freezer which makes me glad I do not live in Hell’s Kitchen, because I would inevitably be pushing the ranges on my BMI numbers.

Tectonic Layer of Cookie Dough

Van Leeuwen
48 1/2 East 7th St
Manhattan, NY 10003

233 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10022

Je & Jo Ice Cream
515 West 47th St
New York, NY 10036

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