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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Brindle Room makes a great Burger

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Do not take good fries for granted.

I have been hearing so much about the burger at The Brindle Room that I finally dragged myself over there for a quick bite, and finally have a go at their burger and I am glad that I did (I consider a order of burger and fries a quick bite, go ahead, call me a fatty). I have only stopped by the Brindle Room previously to try their doughnuts which I was not completely in love with but keeping an open mind I ordered the burger. The first thing that perked my interest regarding the burger is that it is made with prime aged beef trimmings from the partnered steakhouse Sebastian’s in Morristown NJ.  In a Thomas Paine society, this aged beef, with its intense beefy flavor would be the way that all beef would taste like and for the grand old price of $13 dollars with the inclusion of fries and a pickle; it is hard to argue the price. Burger After the Jump!

I ordered the burger rare and it more or less came out rare or what I am calling “rare-ish” which had splotches of medium and medium rare sections but overall, a nice red center. You have the option of the adding a cheese, Cheddar, American, Gruyere or Blue and I went with the American that had a perfect melt on top. Besides the cheese, the only other addition to the burger is some caramelized onions which are a worthy addition. 

The prime aged beef had that wonderful mineral, tangy and intense beef flavor and the griddled burger yielded a crunchy crust that made this a great burger. The bun was remarkably generic, like the kind of bun that you would find at a backyard barbeque or a little league snack stand, but toasted, it did its job and held up against the juicy burger and did not get in the way of the beef. The fries are thick cut, crispy and creamy interior that is a model of good steak fries. The burger is only available at brunch and I cannot imagine a better way to enjoy a lazy weekend with the addition of a solid burger.

 The Brindle Room
277 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009

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