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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Torrisi Italian Specialties @ Feast of San Gennaro

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Within the 20 minutes spent walking San Gennaro, “Party Rock” I concluded is on a continuous loop. Liked it better when Usher songs were the summer anthems

The Feast of San Gennaro is the closest that New York will ever get to the state/county fairs found out in Middle America. Although the Feast will does not feature such culinary and avante garde cuisine such as the fried bubble gum and fried stick of butter, the amount of oil used during this two week feast is surely enough to give the cast of the Real Housewives of NJ and Jersey Shore crew a shine that will last them a good season. Also I do not think that the Iowa State Fair had MozzArepas, true fusion of Latin and Italian.
Though the Feast has been in the past years a 5 block radius of all the fried oreos and calamari, cannoli and the sweet smell of grilled sausage and peppers, the Feast has gotten a bit of an upgrade thanks to Torrisi Italian Specialties. Debuting last year at the feast this year they are stepping up their game. Not only is Torrisi producing some great grub, a few other New York notables such as the folks at Rubirosa, The Breslin, Brooklyn Bangers and Stellina to name a few have set up booths as well giving a nice upgrade and change up to the standard fare found at the Feast. Sadly, LAFMO will still be blasting from speakers. 

Torrisi debuted last year with fried mozzarella wontons, a recognition of Chinatown’s proximity and influence in Little Italy. Playing on the same theme, this year they have come up with ribs and wonton nachos. The ribs are served in the standard Chinese takeout oyster pail and have the all to familiar imperial red color and charred edged just like char sui pork. 


The meat had a divine slightly sweetened glaze and the meat, grilled perfectly had a tender chew and the meat just clings to bone, requiring little effort. The Nachos was a nice twist and I thoroughly enjoyed. It was fried wonton skins that got a sprinkle of sesame and although there was no Velveeta here, it came topped with Chinese hot mustard and duck sauce which balanced each other out. The Wonton skins were light, crisp and surprisingly not greasy. 

Wonton Nachos

The wonton nachos were a guilty pleasure for me because when my family went out to eat Chinese food, we never got the fried noodle crackers and duck sauce that was for Mei Guo Lain, Chinese people got pickled radish, cucumber and carrot medley and peanuts. The Feast runs till the 25th so I would suggest hitting up the Torrisi booth, located in from of their restaurant and getting some ribs. The other big food players formerly mentioned are all setup within that proximity so no need to go venturing all about Mott and Grand to find these tasty delights. Plus, you can get a temporary tattoo.

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