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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prime Meats- the Burger

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Despite the awesome Saloon/Western atmosphere of Prime Meats, I am 100% sure that Mr. Earp would never be caught dead rocking girl jeans and bright red suspenders

Craving a burger, my options are limitless in New York. After a failed attempt to get macarons at Laudree early Saturday morning (I like macarons, but not 2 hour wait for it) I decided to take the trek out to Carroll Gardens and try out Prime Meats from the Frankies. Prime Meats is just one of the many burger that many rave about and falling into the “fancy pants” burger as described via Serious Eats, I decided I needed to check it out.  

Stepping into Prime Meats for the first time, you feel as if you entered a time warp and entered into a mining town saloon (minus the cholera and dust) which I was liking and given the host and the waiters that day were quoting, Tombstone indisputably one of the best Westerns and portrayal of Wyatt Earp, I instantly fell in love with this place. Food After the Jump! 
Pretzel, spicy brown mustard and butter

I was there for the burger but I was starving and drinking a Grapefruit and Campari, even though is full of vitamins, I did not have anything at all really that morning so I got one of their freshly made pretzels to snack on while waiting for my burger. First thing that came to mind when the pretzel came was that it was lopsided. It was as if after shaping the pretzel, it was swung around like a battle mace and then baked off and this was the result. Regardless of the shape, the pretzel tasted great and I suspect the pretzel is shaped like so because the thinned out part of the pretzel was crisp and light and the fatter part was airy and light, giving you two pretzel textures all in one go. The mustard that came with it was sinus clearing spicy and a touch of sweetness, perfect with the pretzel. It also came with a pat of butter which was sweet and creamy that worked well with the salty bits of the pretzel. 

The Burger

The pretzel and the booze were good, but I was here for the burger that I opted to get with cheddar cheese. The patty here is eight ounces of Creekstone Farms dry aged Black Angus, fresh ground every day and is served on top of Prime Meat’s homemade sesame seed bun. I ordered the burger medium rare which it was cooked to order and the meat itself was full of beef and intense dry-aged flavor living up to the namesake of the restaurant. 

Burger innards- realized should have taken a picture of this before destroying it

The cheddar cheese was a nice addition and melted nicely on top of the patty and did not have that weird waxy texture and in retrospect, the cheese was not even needed because the beef was just full of flavor and epitome of moist. The patty itself I could easily go Frenchie on this and go steak hache and be perfectly satisfied. The bun however, did not full compliment the greatness of the patty. The bun to patty ratio was a bit over and the bun was dense and bready and did not hold up well and was falling apart halfway through eating the burger. It was just at the same level as the actual patty itself. 

Despite, the mediocrity of the bun, the burger itself, along with the fries, which were crisp on the outside, had a creamy center and the pickle that had a great sour-garlicky kick made this a burger, worthy of trekking out for. The patty had great consistency and tasty and the combination of good service and atmosphere, I will be coming back here again.

Prime Meats
465 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231-4010

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