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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beecher's Cheese

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Seriously dude, who would say no to a piece of Surryano Ham?

Seems that a lot of West Coast businesses are opening up outlets here in New York with the latest being Beecher’s Cheese from Seattle. First cupcakes and now cheese I believe the universe is trying to transform me into Jabba the Hut. If Tartine Bread and salumi house opens up in New York, I will be dead and looking like the first victim in Seven within 48 hours. Beecher’s is not only a cheese shop, they are cheese makers and their Flatiron location doubles as a cheese making facility.

Cheese making, well not at 10:30 in the morning...
I stopped in and was instantly accosted with samples and samples of cheeses and they were mostly pushing their cheese. I tried their flagship, which is a hard somewhat crumbly cheese which was slightly nutty and creamy. Then I tried their smoked and their 4 year aged the later I ended up buying. The 4 year aged was tangy and creamy and the smoked was a bit too mellow for me and the smokiness was light. Although Beechers has their line of cheeses and naturally were pushing their cheeses, they also had other American cheeses. Not only that, they also had cheese curds which have a string cheese like texture and squeaks a bit when you bite into it. Curds are nugget-sized pieces that are formed in the cheese making process when the rennet is added to the milk and “curdle’ the milk leaving chunks that are the curds. Instead of shoving the curds into molds and going through the whole process, curds are just eaten as is. Curds are great for melting, snacking or if you want to go for the homerun, batter them up and fry them. Pictures of the inside after the jump!

Beecher’s also has a nice array of charcuterie ranging from pates from Dickson’s Farmstand and salumi from Creminelli but had Surryano ham which makes a trip here worth it. Surryano ham is the American version of Serrano ham and dare I say, is tastier. Made from Surry farms in Virginia, the Surryano ham is delicate, easier on the salt and has a slight sweetness to it. I also picked up some salami from Creminelli which only lasted…2 days. Beecher’s also has a cafe and restaurant which I have yet to really sample although I am hoping it is better than the breakfast strata that I was given to sample that was unbelievably dry and burned eggs. Beecher’s is still working out the kinks but the staff is not as knowledgeable about the cheeses and cured meats. 

Cured meats!

Although Beecher’s is a nice place to stop by, reasonably priced and my Surryano ham hook up, I still will be going to places such as Saxelby, Murray’s and even Stinky Brooklyn for the majority of my cheese purchases. Call me weird, but I like the relationship between you and a cheesemonger, in which they get excited and thoughtfully figure out what cheese you want or study you while tasting a cheese all the while trying to figure out if this is a perfect match or what to give you next. Beecher’s reminds of what Eataly is to a place such as Dipaolos or Caputos, all of them have a great selection but in the end it is up to you in what you want.

Beecher's 4 yr and Curds, give me a hunk of bread and this is breakfast

Beecher’s Cheese
900 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

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