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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shake Shack July 4th

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Going to the Shake Shack in the Theater District is not a good idea.

I was craving a burger and sure I could have went to Minetta and finally see if their burger is worth the sticker price or the numerous other restaurants that are making a good burger but getting a burger at Shake Shack especially during the July 4th weekend seemed to make sense. Although Shake Shack is considered to be under the classification of fast food, the quality of the burgers is nowhere near the burgers at Mickey Ds. In fact, I have to confess, I actually never been to a Shake Shack until this weekend. Sure I have had a burger from there and have weaseled my way into getting family and friends to get me take out from there but I manned up and went to the Shake Shack on 8th, which opened up last summer and would pay my dues and wait in line for a Shack Burger. 

Smells like USA #1

  When waiting in line anywhere in the city, you are in such close proximity that you cannot avoid over hearing other people’s conversation, and unfortunately, this has caused a lot of brain fart incidents. Such incident occurred while waiting in line, which was about a 10 minute wait which was not horrible but I cannot imagine how long the line would be later in the day because I showed up about 10 minutes after it opened. The family behind me was obviously from out of town and she was debating on her beverage option and concluded that although a shake would be deemed appropriate it had too many calories and “fatty”. However, she then proceeded to just get a beer because it was a healthier alternative. This is why a bunch of pasty, Anemic looking Swede kids rank higher than us in academics.  

Tasty corndog, See ya 2012 Memorial Weekend

My brain fart incident was thankfully cut short by placing my order and getting my food. I of course got the Shack Burger but I also got the corndog and the flamboyantly named, “Blueberry pie, oh my!” concrete. The corn dog and the concrete were a must order, especially the corndog because it was only being offered during the July 4th weekend. The corndog is a Shack special that only appears on the menu during July 4th and Memorial Day weekend. The corndogs are dipped to order ensuring deliciousness with every bite. The corndogs are served with a pickled corn relish from Rick’s Picks and is a perfect accompaniment with the corndog although not really much of a dipping or spreadable condiment on the corndog. The Shack burger was cooked perfectly and shoved on a Martin Potato Roll scream USA #1. A freshly griddled burger with a blanket of processed singles cheese slice shoved in a Martin Potato Roll is the formula for anyone that was grilling during the holiday weekend. This burger is a symbol of America as much as the America flag, constitution and supersized meals.  The blueberry concrete was a simple and tasty concoction of vanilla custard and blueberry pie and basically blueberry pie al a mode in a cup. Big chunks of blueberry pie in every bite and the blueberry filling did not have that weird canned filling taste which made waiting in line at the Shake Shack worth it.

Blueberry concrete, spanks DQ Blizzards

Shake Shack
Various Locations in NYC, Coming soon th Fulton St. Brooklyn

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