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Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Cremeria Gelato

On Nomz Hero Note to Self: Brain freeze is just a consequence that I will happily accept

I have put the doughnut quest on the back burner because as much as I like doughnuts, it is hot outside and I want some frozen treats. I have ranted constantly about the amount of gelaterias in the West Village and I have always wondered why they have sprung up in the West Village rather than in places such as Little Italy. I mean, gelato is a Italian, southern Italian creation, would it not make sense that great gelato should be found in Little Italy? The only place that comes to mind is Ferrara’s that is constantly mobbed this time of year by tourists but recently, there has been a newcomer on Mulberry that is quietly making quality gelato and pushing to be one of my favorites in the city. 

La Cremeria quietly opened in the spring, but it steadily building a following. Opened by Capri (island with all the lemons) native Martino Caciagli, he is sourcing all his ingredients from Italy so he may not win points with the local-vore crowds, but one taste of their gelato and all your Alice Water-like notions disappear.

Not only are the sorbets such as the blood orange intense and flavorful, he is also dishing out flavors such as zabaglione, the cream made for tiramisu which captures the sweetness of the Moscato or the Nerone, their intense chocolate gelato. I however, have been drawn and loving the Monella, which has cherries, almonds and bits of chocolate, like a suave version of a Cherry Garcia. La Cremeria coaxes out all of these flavors in their gelato and imparts a smooth and creamy texture. I suggest hitting up La Cremeria as soon as possible before this place starts to explode especially in the current heat, La Cremeria is a nice remedy against the heat…that and hydration. 

This looks more like a flower than the gelato at Amorino

La Cremeria
178 Mulberry St
Manhattan, NY 10012

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