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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Waffels and Dinges

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Speculoos spread is the new peanut butter

After dining at Buvette, right by Christopher Square was one of my favorite food trucks, Wafels and Dinges. No secret that I love waffles, crisp and airy and cooing sweetness that lends itself to being topped with an array of toppings. Waffles and Dinges does not just serve any old waffles, they are serving straight up legit Belgium waffles that bear no resemblance to Eggos or the flip and turn waffles in your College dining hall, which by the way, to get waffle perfection I always did an extra minute or two on the griddle because the timer was kind of off and the waffle always came out mushy. 

Waffels and Dinges have 2 kinds of waffles, the well known Brussels waffles that many of us know and served in any diner everywhere and my personal favorite kind of waffle, the Liege waffle which is a yeasted and before they are thrown onto the waffle iron, gets a coating of Pearl Sugar, which caramelizes the waffles giving it that extra crunch, sweetness and a denser waffle. The liege waffle is the perfect dessert vessel which is why the Spekulator is one of my favorite desserts. This sorceress creation is a liege waffle, which is topped with speculoos spread and speculoos ice cream. This is a magical special that they have that is not always on their menu but when it is, this is a must have regardless. Waffels and Dinges not only offer sweet treats they also dabble on the savory side with their pulled pork which I have yet to brave and try. Waffels and Dinges have multiple mobile carts and even an outpost at Seaside Heights where you can easily get a waffle fix but I would say to try and seek out the original mobile truck for one of the original street trucks to pop up in New York.

By the Beard of Zeus this is good

Wafels & Dinges
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