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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Checking out Dekalb Market: Supermarkets do not exist in Brooklyn

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self:the way Dekalb market stacks and positions all the shipping containers, it would be an optimal place/fortress to hole up when the Zombie Apocalypse happens

I do not need to emphasize on how hot it was this previous Saturday, I wanted to have Slushies feed to me intravenously. So most people would stay in there cool and thankfully air conditioned place, lounge in their boxers and watch Aqua Teen, play COD and eat blows of milk ice cream (bowl of ice cream and pour milk over it, it will change your life). I had the bright idea of going out venturing out to the latest (and will bet not the last) market to open, Dekalb Market, I mean the heat is just a mental thing.


Dekalb market differs from most of the markets that are currently in operation in which it is a permanent fixture, opened daily and instead of relying on pop-up tents and fold up tables, you got shipping containers. Though many would find the idea of using shipping containers as an odd place to be operating in and a Hooverville-like, they are spacious and stepping inside most of them, a lot of the vendors doctor and build them up that would make X to the Z, Xzbit jealous. Think of it as the most eco-friendly strip mall.Food after Jump!

I want one of everything

Salted Dulce de Leche Whoopie Pie
 The market has many clothing and retail vendors but of course, I am interested in the food vendors that are setting up shop there including one of my favorite sugary vendors, Robicellis. Although they are continuing their cupcake distribution to various places, they have a permanent fixture at Dekalb. They of course are selling their cupcakes but they also have their whoopie pies and brownies too. I picked up a salted dulce de leche whoopie pie and walnut bacon brownie which like their cupcakes which are like a party in your mouth but better because there are no frat boys and you are like, totally covered on the booze. The whoopie pie was great with its salty sweet filling and the brownie was rich, dense and fudgy. Sorry Oprah, Fat Witch may be one of your favorites but you are straight up wrong, these are better. I am excited to see the creative and tasty combinations that they put into their cupcakes into their other sugary treats like the whoopie pies and brownies. 

Bourbon Bacon Brownie

Although their logo creeps me out with the baby, Cuzin Duzins is worth to stop and grab a couple of their mini donuts, especially 3 mini fresh donuts for a dollar, you cannot beat that. The donuts are tossed in a spiced sugar coating but that is all that is needed for these light, yeasted treats. 

Donuts- I am sorry, that baby like stares into your soul, I feel like it is judging me

tasty fried donuts, mini too so like you can eat more!
 Emphasis on the ridiculousness of the weather, a place like Woolys shaved ice is a godsend. Similar to Taiwanese shaved iced, they are freezing blocks of milk and shaving it down creating a light, fluffy cool down treat. I got one with 2 sides, mochi and mango and a squirt of strawberry syrup. I highly suggest that whenever mochi is available as a topping, you should get it because the chewiness just goes great with the shaved ice.

Thank yo for shaved ice

cure for the heat...well like a 20 minute cure before you are swimming in your sweat again

Saturday was the first day that the Dekalb Market opened and I would have to say, it was organized and successful. There is a nice open food court like area in which you can relax and eat and most of the vendors are fully operational or mostly operational such as Cheekys that are doing their chicken and beef sandwiches that the moment put will be frying up oyster and shrimp po boys soon enough. With so many markets open, it is hard to choose exactly which ones you want to go too but Dekalb most definitely worth checking out and given that the majority of the vendors are open 7 days a week, you can easily work it into your schedule. 

Dekalb Market
332 Flatbush Avenue Ext
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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