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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Motorino: Italian for scooter or something but they got pizza!

Om Nomz Hero Note to Self: Those that have not eaten a Neapolitan pie have been doing a disservice to themselves

I admit, I rave and coo about Neapolitan pies way too much. The obsession is only comparable to a Korean teenager discovering StarCraft (Zerg fo life!). I never really realized that I had a problem or weird obsession with it until I had an afternoon to myself and I was really craving for a nicely charred and chewy Neapolitan pie. So much so that I travelled all the way to the original Motorino location in Brooklyn and proceeded to eat a pie and meatballs on my own. And then, still feeling peckish, I went to Forcella a couple blocks away and ate another pie. The point that I realized I really like Neapolitan pies and is probably one of my favorites foods after pork is that the next day, I kind of wanted a Neapolitan style pie…something light like a Margherita. I am pretty sure that this is the reason that I am single; I mean, no one of the opposite sex should find this an attractive quality, at all. If you do however, call me.

I have sampled the pizza at the Motorino East Village location and given I had a nice afternoon; I decided to make a trek to Brooklyn, to the original location of Motorino. Motorino opening in 2008 is part of the second wave of the revamp of New York Pizza opening after Franny’s and the grails of all, Una Pizza Neapoletana (RIP). Motorino is now a member of the pantheon of pizza greats in New York in which many New Yorkers use as a catalyst of a quality Neapolitan pie. Food After the Jump!

Tasty meatballs

The space in Motorino is spacious which makes up for the close proximity of the tables but hey, this is New York, everything is close together. The starter and appetizer menu at Motorino is one that should not be overlooked, especially their meatballs which I immediately ordered. The meatballs resonate “Viva la Italiano” in its simplicity. The order cam with three sizeable meatballs that get a generous ladleful of tomato sauce, sprinkle of Parmesan and a piece of parsley (also meatballs and spaghetti is an American-Italian thing). These meatballs were pillow-soft but packed a meaty flavor and as a carnivorous eater I am, what stood out to me was the sauce. The sauce was vibrant, rich in color as well as flavor. It was exactly what tomatoes should taste like which sounds yuppie but those that have eaten a fresh tomato know what I am talking about. If I was not about to devour a pie, I would have asked for bread or something to soup up all that sauce but I spooned that plate clean and most likely pulled a Goofy cartoon plate lick clean but there was women present.

Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta- probably the most greenery I ever had on a pizza

I usually like my regular pie of arugula and prosciutto but there is one pie at Motorino that even now writing this a few days later that makes me salivate like a rabid Cheetah in a Nursing home: the Brussels Sprout Pie with Pancetta. Brussels sprouts have been making a vegetable comeback with the help of bacon and a hell of a lot of oil. This is not a typical combination, I mean I do not think they even have Brussels Sprouts in Naples but this pie works and works well. The Sprouts get a perfect char and the bits of pancetta have a crisp bite and work perfectly with the Sprouts. The only criticism that I can find of the pie is that it is “wetter” than most Neapolitan pies due to the heftiness of the Brussels Sprouts but I am happy for that trade off of extra wetness for Brussels Sprouts topping. The pizza emulates the pie that I had when I went to Naples and had the right amount of chewiness and a good amount of char that gives it a nice smoky flavor and brings out the flavors of the flour and dough. 
Pretty char

Neapolitan pies used to be an elusive find but is now just as a New York staple as the slices at John’s or pies from Lombardi. However, Motorino is still able to stand out against the competition and is showing no signs in quality control or lack of business. It has established itself as a must eat in New York and as I am finding other Neapolitan pizza places, it is Motorino that use as my guide for a worthy pie. 

319 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

349 East 12th Street
New York, NY 10003

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